The Future of Bread, Bakery and Cakes 2023
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Simplicity, 'newstalgia' and uber-indulgence will be strong innovation themes for bread and bakery, while upcycling will become the next big sustainability trend. Honorata Jarocka, Principal Analyst…

The Future of Bread, Bakery and Cakes 2023

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The Future of Bread, Bakery and Cakes 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global bread market in 2023. Our future of bread and bakery market report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and the Americas over the next five years and beyond.

Global Bread Market Landscape

In EMEA, food waste concerns are becoming more widespread among consumers and producers alike. Meanwhile, bread and bakery products are well positioned to become small luxuries that can elevate everyday meals.

In the Americas, wholegrain bread recipes address consumer interest in high-fibre products. Similarly to EMEA, plastic and food waste reduction efforts are moving up the sustainability agenda.

In APAC, locally sourced ingredients enhance perceived value among consumers. In addition, microwaveable bakery product launches are growing in popularity.

The Future of Bread Trends in the Next Two Years

The future of bread will enjoy continued popularity throughout the cost-of-living crisis, addressing the value-for-money mentality. Delivering simple nutrition at an affordable price, bread can grow its appeal further via naturalness, authenticity and versatility.

Bread and baked goods often carry a sense of comfort and nostalgia, brands can play on that foundation of familiarity via modern twists.

The Future of Bread Trends in Five Years and Beyond

The future of bread relies on brands conveying a more sustainable and planet-friendly appeal through the broader adoption of upcycling. Meanwhile, fuelled by supply chain issues and climate uncertainties, increased efforts are expected to introduce new wheat varieties across the global market.

Sweet bakery is set to experience a new wave of uber-indulgent launches that address the need for ‘unguilty pleasures’. Artisan cafés and social media will continue to have a strong influence on innovation in the packaged sweet bakery space.

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Expert Analysis from a Food Specialist

This report, written by Honorata Jarocka, a leading analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight the future of bread market trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Simplicity, ‘newstalgia’ and uber-indulgence will be strong innovation themes for bread and bakery, while upcycling will become the next big sustainability trend.

Honorata Jarocka
Principal Analyst

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    • In stressful times, simplicity sells
    • Newstalgia: tradition with a twist
    • The savoury breakfast movement


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