The Future of Cooking and Pasta Sauces 2023
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Maintain relevance with a laser focus on proving value, a broader view of healthy options and a new perspective on lunch at home. Ayisha Koyenikan, Associate Director - Mintel…

The Future of Cooking and Pasta Sauces 2023

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The Future of Cooking and Pasta Sauces 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global pasta sauce market in 2023. Our global future of cooking and pasta sauces market report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and Americas over the next five years and beyond.

Global Pasta Sauce Market Landscape

The cost of living crisis has pushed up prices, leading more consumers to turn to more affordable private labels in the global pasta sauce market.

More than ever, consumers seek fun and indulgent food and drink, giving brands in the global cooking sauces market a mandate to be more playful.

  • In Poland, 56% of consumers believe that private-label cooking sauces taste just as good as branded one.

Global Cooking Sauces Market Trends in the Next Two Years

As budgets remain strained, brands in the pasta sauces market must prove their value with financial benefits such as energy efficiency and savings vs foodservice solutions.

To secure the future of cooking and pasta sauces, brands must think outside the box to gain relevance in the lunch-at-home eating occasion, by overtly speedy solutions

  • 51% of US lunch eaters state “quick to prepare” as an important lunch attribute.

The Future of Cooking and Pasta Sauces in Five Years and Beyond

The quest for more natural, reduced-sugar sauce formulations could accelerate the use of monk fruit as a sweetener in premium innovations across the cooking sauces market.

Social media will continue to accelerate food trends and inspire a new wave of Generation Z home cooks. Brands need to establish agile pathways to fast track cooking and pasta sauce innovation and maximise the moment with retail solutions.

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Expert Analysis from a Food Specialist

This report, written by Ayisha Koyenikan, a leading analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current global pasta sauce market trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Maintain relevance with a laser focus on proving value, a broader view of healthy options and a new perspective on lunch at home.

Ayisha Koyenikan - Research Analyst

Ayisha Koyenikan
Associate Director – Food & Drink

Table of Contents

  1. Where we are now

    • Graph 1: consumer agreement with the statement “financial concerns have made me switch from branded cooking sauces to private label ones in the last three months”, 2022
  2. in the next two years

    • Prove value to cash-strapped consumers
    • Graph 2: consumer agreement that energy saving is an environmental/social issue that they are most interested in, 2022*
    • Graph 3: cooking/pasta sauce consumers who would like to see more cooking/pasta sauces that don’t require the addition of more ingredients, by financial status, 2022
    • Graph 4: consumer agreement that when trying to save money on food and drink, they are most likely to reduce the amount of food/drink bought out of home, 2022
    • Defend against scratch cooking with healthy sauces
    • Graph 5: “Healthy”, 2022
    • Graph 6: “Artificial”, 2022
    • Graph 7: pasta and cooking sauce innovation with claims in selected health claim categories*, 2013-23
    • Hone in on home lunch opportunities
    • Graph 8: index of penetration of pasta and cooking sauce launches where the word “lunch” appears on pack, 2013-23
    • Graph 9: pasta and cooking sauce innovations with a time/speed claim, 2013-23
    • Graph 10: selected applications for cooking sauces in meals in the last six months, 2022
  3. in five yearS AND BEYOND

About the report

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The Trends

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