The Future of Facial Skincare 2024
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The future is in skin preservation and longevity, while dermocosmetics is poised to be the new luxury. Long-term opportunities lie in renovation vs innovation. Andrew McDougall, Global Beauty &…

The Future of Facial Skincare 2024

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Report Summary

Discover the future trends in the global facial skincare market with Mintel’s Future Of report. The report identifies the key consumer and industry trends that will impact the global skincare market over the next five years.

The most important upcoming trends in the skincare market are analysed and succinctly presented alongside relevant insights from Mintel’s consumer data. So you can understand how consumer demands will change and identify future innovation and growth opportunities.

This report also presents Mintel’s analysts’ pick of the most innovative and inspirational launches in the global facial care market. Understanding the future of the facial skincare industry has never been so easy.

To discover more about the global facial skincare market, read Mintel’s A Year of Innovation in Facial Skincare or take a look at Mintel’s extensive skincare market research.

Meet The Expert

This report is written by Andrew McDougall, global beauty & personal care analyst at Mintel. Andrew is an award-winning beauty & personal care analyst with over ten years’ experience of researching and writing about the cosmetics industry. Previously Editor of the Cosmetics Design brand he has travelled the world to cover key markets, interviewed top industry figures and presented at key industry conferences.

The future is in skin preservation and longevity, while dermocosmetics is poised to be the new luxury. Long-term opportunities lie in renovation vs innovation.

Andrew McDougall, Global Beauty and Personal Care AnalystAndrew McDougall
Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Table of Contents

    • What you need to know
    • Where we are now
    • Mintel recommends: in the next two years
    • Mintel recommends: in five years and beyond
  1. In the next two years

    • Beyond youth: switch to skin longevity to drive consumer spend
    • We’re all living longer
    • Beyond anti-ageing: longevity is the NEXT frontier in skin health
    • Elevate the science in skin longevity
    • Ingredient spotlight: use ATP to shift the narrative to ‘energising’
    • ATP can appeal to cautious facial skincare users
    • Help build stronger, more resilient skin
    • Use ‘skin cycling’ to drive brand loyalty to new levels
    • Reach a male audience with slugging trends
    • Avoid being part of the problem – skin health education can aid brand protection
    • Set the category alight with inflammageing claims
    • Expand ‘slow ageing’ claims
    • Focus on specific longevity factors like inflammation, oxidative stress and DNA damage
    • Regional perspective: increase your voice on tech, protection and a holistic approach to succeed in a congested global environment
    • Dermocosmetics is the new power spend
    • Why dermocosmetics are the new luxury
    • Various factors impact the appeal of dermocosmetics
    • Use high ingredient concentrations to drive efficacy
    • Unlock derm opportunities for younger consumers with comprehensive acne care
    • Justify consumer spend with ingredient innovation and enhanced claims
    • Graph 1: beauty enhancement claims in dermocosmetic launches, 2019 vs 2023
    • Consumers look for approval from professionals
    • Embrace the growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery
    • Prolong the benefits of clinical treatments
    • Emphasise the important functional benefits of post-surgery skincare
    • Graph 2: sought benefits from facial-skin-repairing products following invasive surgeries, 2023
    • Highlight specific ingredients and their roles in recovery
    • Tailor post-procedure care for sensitive skin needs
    • ‘Medicalised’ skincare offerings present a trade-up opportunity
    • Shift the focus to skin management in China
    • Regional perspective: dermocosmetics is a rising consumer spend globally
    • Skin wellness and the connected experience
    • Embrace the mind-body connection to stand out in a competitive market
    • Psychodermatology in focus
    • How skincare brands approach mental health
    • New frontier of neurocosmetics will capture  future spend
    • Adaptogens are poised for a revival
    • Changing routines: less can be more in facial skincare
    • Help consumers look their best with skin-health diets and nutrients
    • Graph 3: beauty and personal care attitudes*, 2021 & 2023
    • Emphasise the value of personalised nutrition
    • Leverage technology to create personalised skincare routines and track progress
    • Explore connected devices to capture the growing market for emotion-based skincare
    • Tech advancements mean blue light damage is the new health target
    • Global perspective: consumers in all regions seek relaxation, wellbeing and healthy skin

    • Win market share by renovating claims and ingredients for new skincare stories
    • Help people make the most of the current skincare options
    • Use evidence to cut through marketing jargon
    • How brands explain function is key
    • Highlight familiar in-demand facial skincare ingredients
    • Appeal to consumers’ results-driven nature
    • Give well-known ingredients a technical edge
    • Go beyond the INCI list and share the molecular weight
    • Take advantage of advanced delivery systems
    • Effective claim communication can address the ambiguity around ‘clean’
    • Safety-conscious consumers
    • Use devices for a personalised approach, communicating efficacy
    • Product testing continues to be a significant obstacle despite progress in inclusivity efforts
    • Increase skintone representation in clinical trials
    • Global perspective: focus on perfecting existing products and practices to ensure high-quality offerings
  3. Key takeaways

About the report

This market report provides in-depth analysis and insight supported by a range of data. At the same time, introductory and top-level content is provided to give you an overview of the issues covered.

The consumer

What They Want. Why They Want It.

The Competitors

Who’s Winning. How To Stay Ahead.

The Market

Size, Segments, Shares And Forecasts: How It All Adds Up.

The Innovations

New Ideas. New Products. New Potential.

The Opportunities

Where The White Space Is. How To Make It Yours.

The Trends

What’s Shaping Demand – Today And Tomorrow.

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