The Future of Fruit and Vegetables 2022
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Fruit and vegetables face many familiar issues from the past, but technological advances hold promise for the future. Melanie Zanoza Bartelme, Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink…

The Future of Fruit and Vegetables 2022

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Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the Future of Fruit and Vegetable market, including the behaviours, preferences and habits of the consumer.


The Future of Fruit and Vegetables will be centered around technology. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the rapid expansion of the canned fruit and vegetable market and globally consumers are increasingly purchasing long life foods. However, 34% of US vegetable consumers perceive that canned vegetables are processed. Canned fruit and vegetables manufactures must be innovative around explaining how canned fruit and vegetables can be used for meals. With the rise of inflation and supply chain challenges, canned beans and legumes are a popular meat substitution for protein and have the potential to grow in market size. 

More than a third of US fruit consumers are interested in genetically modified fruit that will stay fresh for longer. US Consumers are also keen and show interest in experimenting with exotic fresh fruits. Globally, consumers are also interested in experimenting with new flavours and cuisines. This is an opportunity for the produce market to create custom, pre-prepared mixes to use in  international cuisines and recipes. 

In the future, the fruit and vegetable industry will face greater accountability to address sustainability and ethical sourcing issues. In Asia Pacific, companies have already started diversifying products in the Fruit and Vegetable market by classifying produce as toxic-free, environmentally friendly packaging, organic and all natural.


Expert Analysis from a Specialist in the Field

This report, written by Melanie Bartelme, a leading analyst in the Global Food and Drink sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis of fruit and vegetable market research and to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Fruit and vegetables face many familiar issues from the past, but technological advances hold promise for the future.

Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
Global Food & Drink Analyst


Table of Contents

  1. Where we are now

    • Graph 1: vegetable product launches, by select natural and ethical claims, 2019-21

    • The moment of reckoning for canned produce will arrive
    • Fruit and veg brands will finally compel consumers to get their 5 a day
    • Graph 2: Top factors when shopping for food, “contributes to your fruit/veg intake”, 2021*
    • Fruit and veg types will evolve

About the report

This market report provides in-depth analysis and insight supported by a range of data. At the same time, introductory and top-level content is provided to give you an overview of the issues covered.

The consumer

What They Want. Why They Want It.

The Competitors

Who’s Winning. How To Stay Ahead.

The Market

Size, Segments, Shares And Forecasts: How It All Adds Up.

The Innovations

New Ideas. New Products. New Potential.

The Opportunities

Where The White Space Is. How To Make It Yours.

The Trends

What’s Shaping Demand – Today And Tomorrow.

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