The Future of Household Cleaners 2020
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Global annual review: what's now and what's next for the household cleaner market. Richard Hopping, Senior Brand and Household Analyst…

The Future of Household Cleaners 2020

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Immediate future: next two years

Indoor pollution will come under increased focus, leading to a demand for low- or no-VOC claims, perceived to be physically healthier. At the same time, brands have an opportunity to capitalise on consumer awareness that cleaning can contribute to better mental health and make people feel happier in their own homes.


Planning ahead: next five years

Eco-friendly claims will remain important, but they will lose their differentiating status. Mintel recommends brands work harder to stand out, including by giving insight into their manufacturing methods. During this period, the consumer focus on health will lead to more nuanced cleaning, moving away from ‘one product fits all’.


Market overview: key data

The household cleaners market is expected to reach US$12.1bn in 2020, up by 5.4% in 2019. Emerging markets are responsible for the fastest growth within the category, although some are relying on population growth rather than increased spend per capita, so there is still room for even further growth.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

Written by Richard Hopping, a leading analyst in the Household sector, his extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

One of the major culprits of indoor air pollution – volatile organic compounds (VOC) – will come under increased scrutiny, leading to demand for low- or no-VOC claims in household cleaners. This will also offer the opportunity for fragrance-free products to extend their reach in the market. These products will align with the concept of clean air as a luxury and can therefore be positioned as part of a more premium option. Richard Hopping
Senior Brand and Household Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. immediate future: Next two years

    • Lessen exposure to VOCs
    • Provide air quality monitoring solutions
    • Position low- or no-VOC as premium
    • [Graph] Global: % of launches in hard surface categories with low- or no-VOC claims, 2016-19
    • Promote positivity around cleaning
    • Highlight the quality of products
    • Further develop scents

    • Work harder to differentiate eco claims
    • Use transparency for sustainability
    • Showcase manufacturing methods
    • [Graph] Global: % of household cleaner launches by claim category, 2017-19
    • Approach cleaning from a health angle
    • Prepare for nuanced cleaning
    • Be more proactive with probiotic messaging
  3. Household Cleaner Market overview: key data and interpretation

    • [Graph] Global: leading claims on household cleaner launches, 2018-19

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