The Future of Nutrition, Health and Wellness 2023
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Proactive conscientious consumption and the global financial crisis will open doors for breakthroughs in healthy ageing, affordable nutrition and agriculture. Michelle Teodoro, Global Food Science Analyst…

The Future of Nutrition, Health and Wellness 2023

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The Future of Nutrition, Health and Wellness 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global health and wellness market in 2023. Our global health and wellness market report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and LATAM over the next five years and beyond.


Global Health and Wellness Market Outlook

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic begin to recede, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of taking a holistic approach to their health. This has led to a growing trend of using food as medicine to promote physical and mental wellbeing, as well as preventative health.

The rise in conscientious consumption has the potential to greatly impact the future of nutrition, health and wellness. Consumers now have access to a greater variety of products that can help them live healthier lives, while manufacturers have an opportunity to create innovative solutions that satisfy these needs. This shift in consumer behaviour is set to revolutionise the way we think about nutrition, health and wellness in the coming years.

  • 43% of US consumers would like their food and drink to contribute to both their mental and physical health.
  • 71% of Chinese consumers agree that diet therapy is more effective in helping them to age healthily than medicine or supplements.
  • 73% of Brazilian adults agree having healthy eating habits is as important for emotional and mental health as it is for physical health

Wellness Industry Trends in the Next Two Years

As consumers attempt to manage their economic and dietary challenges in an increasingly globalised world, affordable nutrient-dense foods will be relied on for improved health outcomes. Claims that can help consumers stay healthier for longer, such as those for neurological, hormone and kidney health, will become increasingly popular. Following the effects of COVID-19, there will be a push toward more weight management across the health and wellness market.

Nutrition and Wellness Industry Trends in Five Years and Beyond

Agriculture is the backbone of sustainable food supply chains, where technology will ensure nutrition justice and food security. Nutrition will shape innovations that help consumers adapt to the planet’s hostile weather and natural disasters. Additionally, advances in sensory innovations, including aroma and sound, will promote health and wellbeing.

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Expert Analysis from a Health Specialist

This report, written by Michelle Teodoro a leading analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current global trends in the health and wellness market and add expert context to the numbers.

Proactive conscientious consumption and the global financial crisis will open doors for breakthroughs in healthy ageing, affordable nutrition and agriculture.

Michelle Teodoro
Global Food Science Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Where we are now

    • Graph 1: key factors driving consumer behavior around Value – “How do each of the statements below apply to you?”, 2022*
  2. In the next two years

    • Make healthy foods  available on a budget
    • Graph 2: food and drink aspirations for 2022, 2022*
    • Create healthy ageing solutions for the next normal
    • Graph 3: experience and interest in food and drink product benefits – “Any current usage or future interest – NET,” 2022
    • Weight management goes beyond diet and exercise
  3. In five years and beyond

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