The Future of Salty Snacks 2023
Salty snacks are poised to enter a new era of innovation in the areas of sustainable production, ingredient diversity and consumer engagement. Jolene Ng, Senior Food and Drink Analyst…

The Future of Salty Snacks 2023

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The Future of Salty Snacks 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global salty snacks market in 2023. Our global future of salty snacks market report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and LATAM over the next five years and beyond.

Global Salty Snacks Market Landscape

Rising prices have challenged the global salty snacks market, so brands need to prove their value during a time when consumers may be tempted to cut back on treats.

A focus on snacks with better-for-you ingredients will demonstrate the category’s value in delivering affordable nutrition.

  • 43% of Thai consumers are keen to try salty snacks that are fortified with nutrients.

Global Salty Snacks Market Trends in the Next Two Years

The supply chains for the snack industry have been impacted by a multitude of events. In the long term, brands will need to explore new ingredients and production techniques to future-proof supply chains.

In a number of countries, consumers are looking for snacks with nutritional benefits. Salty snack brands should focus on ingredients with specific functionalities, such as high-protein or gut health, to help consumers indulge more healthily.

  • 40% of Indian consumers agree that salty snacks that are both healthy and indulgent would appeal to them.
  • 34% of US consumers agree that snacks with functional benefits are worth the price.

Future of the Salty Snacks Industry in Five Years and Beyond

The metaverse is fast becoming a medium for brands to engage with their consumers in the digital space. Snack brands can extend the product experience by incorporating aspects of both digital and physical worlds for optimum exposure.

  • In Spain, 53% of Gen Z consumers used augmented reality to enhance the experience of consuming food or drink.

Expert Analysis from a Specialist in the Food & Drink Industry

This report, written by Jolene Ng, a senior food and drink analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current global salty snack market trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Salty snacks are poised to enter a new era of innovation in the areas of sustainable production, ingredient diversity and consumer engagement.


Jolene Ng
Senior Food and Drink Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Where we are now

  2. in the next two years

    • Future-proofing supply chains
    • Different indulgences will grow in tandem
    • Innovation will charge forward
    • Graph 1: salty snack launches, by launch type, 2019-22
    • Graph 2: selected environmental and ethical claims in salty snacks, 2022
  3. In the next five years

About the report

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The Market

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The Opportunities

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The Trends

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