The Future of Shaving, Depilatory and Deodorant 2023
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Convey 'skinification' trends with efficacy, explore fun in sexual wellness and demonstrate value through personalisation to reinvigorate a stagnant category. KinShen Chan, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, South…

The Future of Shaving, Depilatory and Deodorant 2023

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The Future of Shaving, Depilatory and Deodorant is a market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global shaving products and deodorant markets in 2023. Our global future of report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and the Americas over the next five years and beyond.

Global Deodorant Market Landscape

Consumers are becoming more aware of the potential health risks associated with aluminium-based antiperspirant. The natural claim category in deodorant NPD grew from 20.2% in 2018 to 27.4% in 2023 and is expected to grow further during the rest of this year. Brands need to educate around the growing demand for natural and organic deodorant.

The Future of Shaving Products and Deodorant in the Next Two Years

The ‘skinification’ trend in deodorant is not new as familiar skincare ingredients have been found in NPD. Brands can further differentiate by conveying efficacy through new regimens, technology or convenience and providing evidence.

  • Having fun is a priority with Gen Z consumers, 79% of Indian Gen Z consumers say they seek fun in all aspects of life.

While deodorant and shaving are functional categories, they are still challenged in attracting younger consumers. Brands can appeal to Gen Z by incorporating fun elements such as leveraging humour and creating unique products.

The Shaving Products and Deodorant Industry in the Next Five Years and Beyond

Technology has the potential to revolutionise the deodorant and shaving categories. By facilitating the development of new ingredients, formulations, delivery systems and personalised products, technology can help to create deodorant and shaving products that are more effective, convenient and enjoyable to use.

To discover more about the global shaving products and deodorants markets, take a look at Mintel’s A Year of Innovation in the Shaving, Depilatory and Deodorant Market 2023, or explore our extensive toiletries market research.

Expert Analysis from a BPC Specialist

This report, written by KinShen Chan, a leading BPC analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight global deodorant and shaving products trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Convey ‘skinification’ trends with efficacy, explore fun in sexual wellness and demonstrate value through personalisation to reinvigorate a stagnant category.

KinShen Chan
Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

Table of Contents



      • Unlock the power of 'skinification' through efficacy
      • Graph 1: deodorant claims, 2021-23
      • Grow Gen Z consumers through fun and informative experiences
      • Graph 2: launches of deodorant products with ethical and environmental claims, 2018-23
      • Encourage trading up with personalisation and premiumisation

      • Harness technology to disrupt the deodorant and shaving categories

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