The Future of Table Sauces, Oils and Seasonings 2021
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A new downturn has created a stressful, complex world. Brands should respond with simple recipes, human ethical sustainability stories and mood halo ingredients. Martin Pasco, Global Analyst – Mintel…

The Future of Table Sauces, Oils and Seasonings 2021

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Report Summary

Discover the latest global trends and innovations across the table sauces, seasonings and oils markets. Our forward looking report identifies areas which are evolving, consumer attitudes and important advances expected across the next five years and beyond.

Where we are now

Healthy eating was trending pre-COVID-19 but the pandemic saw a renewed consumer focus on healthy eating. Many table sauces had already evolved to remove processed ingredients but launches saw brands targeting higher up the hierarchy of health needs via gut health and all-natural ingredient claims.

In the next two years

The downturn has created a hyper-stressful world. The trend for simplicity will resurface and brands will find ways to cut complexity. Sustainability will return as brands tell a human story. The pandemic boosted the link between ingredients and wellness. Brands will innovate with ingredients which offer flavour and a mood halo.

In five years and beyond

Brands will stretch into wellbeing via fortified table sauces. A focus on sustainability will see table sauces offer recycled ocean plastic packs – as they close the gap versus homecare and soft drinks. Food science is likely to have perfected lab-grown meats and table sauces will evolve to complement new their tastes and textures.

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Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

Written by Martin Pasco, a leading analyst in the Food & Drink sector, his extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

A new downturn has created a stressful, complex world. Brands should respond with simple recipes, human ethical sustainability stories and mood halo ingredients.

Martin Pasco
Food & Drink Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. WHere WE are now

    • EMEA
    • APAC
    • NA

    • Keep it simple for stressed consumers in a downturn
    • Sustainability returns with human ethical claims
    • Use ingredients for mood-enhancing halo effect
    • [Graph] US: consumer experience with and interest in sauce flavours, Apirl 2020
    • [Graph] Global: top six ethical and environmental claims made by table sauces launches, December 2015-November 2020
    • [Graph] Global: consumers who agree that certain ingredients have a beneficial effect on their mood, 2020
    • [Graph] Global: top 15 herbal substance ingredients, food and drink product launches with stress/sleep functional claim, 2018 vs 2020
    • [Graph] Global: launches featuring Ayurvedic herbs across table sauces, seasonings and dressings, Jan 2016-Dec 2020

    • Stretch into functional claims
    • Ocean plastic as standard
    • Table sauces evolve to complement lab-grown meat
    • [Graph] Global: selected claims made by table sauces, seasonings and oils launches, Jan 2018-Dec 2020
    • [Graph] Europe: consumer agreement that food packaging ending up in the ocean is a top sustainability concern, 2021
    • [Graph] Europe: agreement with the statement: “I would eat lab-grown food” (eg grown from animal/plant cells), Dec 2019

About the report

This market report provides in-depth analysis and insight supported by a range of data. At the same time, introductory and top-level content is provided to give you an overview of the issues covered.

The consumer

What They Want. Why They Want It.

The Competitors

Who’s Winning. How To Stay Ahead.

The Market

Size, Segments, Shares And Forecasts: How It All Adds Up.

The Innovations

New Ideas. New Products. New Potential.

The Opportunities

Where The White Space Is. How To Make It Yours.

The Trends

What’s Shaping Demand – Today And Tomorrow.

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