The Future of Table Sauces, Oils and Seasonings 2023
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Continuous crises are putting pressure on manufacturers to provide sustainable, functional and affordable products. Melanie Zanoza Bartelme, Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink…

The Future of Table Sauces, Oils and Seasonings 2023

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The Future of Table Sauces, Oils and Seasonings 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global table sauces, oils and seasoning industry in 2023. Our global market report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and LATAM over the next five years and beyond.


Global Table Sauces – Current market landscape

Consumers across the globe are looking to escape their stresses through engagement with exciting street food flavours. Savvy consumers in the global table sauces market, are looking more critically at labels to ensure that ingredient lists across the category remain short. For some consumers, this is beginning to include formulations that are plant-based and free from animal ingredients.

  • 37% of UK category buyers are interested in buying condiments with flavours inspired by authentic street food.
  • 44% of US condiment users agree that condiments with long ingredient lists are unhealthy.
  • 46% of German 16-34 year olds are interested in seeing more spicy flavors in savoury foods.

Global Table Sauces, Oil and Seasoning – Trends in the next two years

Continued stress from inflation, possible recession and whatever comes next will encourage consumers to keep seeking out flavourful condiments as a form of comfort. Price concerns will see consumers turning more to private label, and healthy eating concerns will inspire them to seek more functional benefits.

Global Table Sauces Market – Trends in the next five years and beyond

The future of table sauces, oil and seasonings market will see sustainability become a more integral part of product development through necessity. This will include formulations that feature lesser-used sustainable ingredients. Together, brands and consumers in the global market will make changes that will allow home cooks to maintain their routines in a more eco-friendly way.

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Expert Analysis from a Food & Drink Specialist

This report, written by Melanie Bartelme a leading analyst in the food sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current global trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Continuous crises are putting pressure on manufacturers to provide sustainable, functional and affordable products.

Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
Associate Director – Food & Drink

Table of Contents


    • Graph 1: launches of table sauces, oils and seasonings, by share of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based claims, 2019-22

    • Table sauces, seasonings and oils will serve as “Unguilty Pleasures”
    • Brands will be challenged to differentiate themselves from private label
    • Table sauces, seasonings and oils will focus on holistic health

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