The Future of Water, Sports and Energy Drinks 2023
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Enhanced hydration is inspiring innovation as energy drinks opt for a more gender-neutral appeal and Liquid Death's gory genius goes global. Alex Beckett, Director - Mintel Food & Drink…

The Future of Water, Sports and Energy Drinks 2023

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The Future of Water, Sports and Energy Drinks 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global water market in 2023. Our global future of report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and the Americas over the next five years and beyond.

Global Water Market Landscape

At home, bottled water benefits from consumer concerns about the taste and purity of tap water. Outside of the home, water remains the go-to healthy drink, with new taste-led and vitamin-boosted recipes exciting its appeal. Social media TikTok’s #watertok trend has 616 million+ views and shows people adding flavours and ingredients to water. It signifies water’s new vibrant status.

  • In the US, 85% of water users who are employed say that staying hydrated keeps them productive at work.

The Future of Water, Sports and Energy Drinks in the Next Two Years

Water and energy drinks will be consumed as hydrating and stimulating staples, respectively, but brands will also encourage discretionary usage via fortified recipes. In sports energy drinks, we expect to see more gender-neutral branding and hydration marketing will lead innovation.

Global Water Market Trends in Five Years and Beyond

The global water market will look to capitalise on the ageing population. Consumers aged 55-64 have an interest in and appreciation of bottled water with added value features, including vitamins, minerals and flavours.

The global adoption of weight-loss drugs like Wegovy will generate demand for functional isotonic rehydration drinks, as millions experience and prepare for the dehydrating side effects.

  • 53% of Chinese adults aged 50-59 think bottled water should be rich in minerals.

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Expert Analysis from a Drinks Specialist

This report, written by Alex Beckett, a leading drinks analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight the global water market trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Enhanced hydration is inspiring innovation as energy drinks opt for a more gender-neutral appeal and Liquid Death’s gory genius goes global.

Alex Beckett
Director – Mintel Food & Drink

Table of Contents

  1. What you need to know


      • Valued as essentials, bottled water and energy drinks will continue to premiumise
      • Hydration innovation will flourish, buoyed by extreme weather events and the need for productivity and healthy ageing
      • Graph 1: interest in 'superior hydration' as a bottled water functional benefit, any rank, by fitness level, 2022
      • The Liquid Death legacy: don't be so serious and spark some joy
      • Graph 2: agreement with the statement 'premium bottled water can act as a status symbol,' by select demographics, 2022
    • in five years and beyond

      • Finally, a cohort of seniors is emerging that can be a lucrative user group for bottled water
      • Graph 3: agreement with the statement 'drinking fortified water (eg with added vitamins/minerals) is a good way to boost your intake of vitamins/minerals', by select age groups, 2022
      • Graph 4: usage of flavoured sparking water, by age group, 2022
      • Graph 5: any packaged water consumption, by age, 2022
      • Graph 6: appealing functional water claims, by age group, 2022
      • The rollout of weight-loss drugs will create new opportunities for isotonic drinks
      • Get ready for Generation Alpha, the kids of the 'Red Bull Generation' and an exciting bunch of pleasure-seekers

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