UK Travel Trends – Spring 2024
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75% of Brits are planning to take a holiday in the summer season, an increase of 4 percentage points on the same period the previous…

UK Travel Trends – Spring 2024

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Report Summary

75% of Brits are planning to take a holiday in the summer season, an increase of 4 percentage points on the same period the previous year. In fact, the number of people booking a holiday reached a record high at the start of 2024, since Mintel started tracking this data in June 2012. Despite economic headwinds, consumers have consistently been reluctant to change or cancel holiday plans as a result of rising prices.

At least two thirds of consumers across all financial segments are eager to take a holiday in the next six months, rising to 83% for those in a ‘healthy’ financial situation. Financial support from holiday providers is highly valued by consumers. Initiatives such as low or no deposits, monthly payment plans, free kids places and booking calendars showing the most cost-effective travel dates are likely to be well-received.

2023 was the year that many people began to gain a deeper understanding of the true capabilities of AI. It was the year that chatbots first went truly viral, particularly ChatGPT, which rapidly gained viral status across various social platforms. There has been a notable rise in adoption of AI amongst holiday providers, with many using chatbots and virtual assistants to improve customer service and streamline the booking process. While many consumers are excited about using AI to plan their holidays, some will require more guidance and assistance in navigating these innovative tools effectively.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Destinations consumers visited between October 2023-March 2024
  • Types of holidays taken between October 2023-March 2024
  • Destinations consumers plan to visit between April-September 2024
  • Types of holidays consumers plan to take between April-September 2024
  • Interest in multi-generational holidays
  • Interest in using AI to assist with planning holidays

Brits continue to prioritise spending on holidays, with travel remaining amongst the top highlights that consumers consistently look forward to.

Jennie Bryans, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst

Market Definitions

This Report examines the habits and attitudes of British adults aged 16 or over towards holiday-taking in the UK and abroad. For the purposes of this Report, Mintel defined a holiday as a stay of at least one night that is primarily for leisure purposes. Business trips and visiting friends or relatives are not included.

This is the third edition of a bi-annual series, with the next edition due out in October 2024.

Table of Contents

  1. Key takeaways

    • Opportunities for the travel industry
    • Holidays remain a top priority area of spend for Brits
  2. Holidays taken in the last six months

    • Slight increase in off-peak holiday levels
    • Graph 1: destinations visited in the last six months, 2022-23 and 2023-24
    • Modest rise in staycation interest during off-peak season
    • Graph 2: destinations visited in the last six months, 2022-23 and 2023-24
    • Parents with younger children more interested in staycations
    • Winter beach holidays firmly back on the cards
    • Graph 3: holiday types in the last six months, 2022-23 and 2023-24
    • The off-peak season will increasingly become a popular time to head away to sunny destinations
  3. Holidays planned for the next six months

    • Destination preferences consistent year-on-year
    • Graph 4: holidays planned for the next six months, 2023 and 2024
    • Financial and travel support valued by mothers seeking long-haul adventures
    • Interest in UK and long-haul adventures has seen a slight upturn
    • Graph 5: holidays planned for the next six months, 2023 and 2024
    • Brands need to cater for a range of destination and holiday types
    • Summer beach holidays remain most favoured option
    • Graph 6: types of holiday planned for the next six months, 2023 and 2024
    • Domestic camping and caravanning holidays will continue to appeal to budget conscious travellers
    • How brands can cater towards all budgets
  4. Holidaying behaviours and intentions

    • Half of consumers expect to spend more on holidays this summer
    • Graph 7: holidaying behaviours and intentions, 2024
    • Holidaying intentions are polarised by income
    • Graph 8: intentions to spend more on holidays in the next six months, by household income, 2024
    • Graph 9: intentions to take more holidays in the next six months, by household income, 2024
    • Young Millennials lead the way when it comes to sustainability
    • Graph 10: sustainability is an important factor when choosing a holiday company, by generation, 2024
    • Families with toddlers can benefit from cooler temperatures and attractive prices offered during the off-season
    • What brands can do to appeal to young families further
    • Camping and caravan holidays appeal to families looking for multi-generational getaways
    • Consumers will appreciate financial flexibility and recommendations for saving the pennies
    • Graph 11: respondents who have paid for a holiday in monthly installments, by age, 2024
    • City dwellers are four times more likely to use AI to plan a holiday
    • How brands can encourage older consumers to use AI
  5. Appendix

    • Market definition
    • Consumer research methodology

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