US Trending Flavours and Ingredients in Desserts and Confections Market Report 2020
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“Consumers are making room for small treats on a routine basis and familiar, comforting flavors are easing consumers through stressful times. As health and wellness trends continue to focus on…

US Trending Flavours and Ingredients in Desserts and Confections Market Report 2020

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Report Summary

“Consumers are making room for small treats on a routine basis and familiar, comforting flavors are easing consumers through stressful times. As health and wellness trends continue to focus on collective wellbeing, there is room for regular indulgence and healthy innovation as long as brands uphold flavor as a top priority.”

– Alyssa Hangartner, Flavor and Ingredient Trends Analyst

This report covers the following issues:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting shopping and consumption trends
  • How brands can help anxious consumers weather tough times
  • Consumers’ go-to flavors for desserts and confections
  • Flavors and ingredients to put in the pipeline

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definition
        • Executive Summary

            • Figure 1: Short-, medium- and longer- term impact of COVID-19 on desserts and confections, May 2020
          • Market overview
            • Top takeaways
              • Key trends
                • Small indulgences are daily rituals for many
                  • Figure 2: Dessert attitudes, March 2020
                • Snacking is a catalyst for indulgence
                  • Figure 3: Dessert consumption, March 2020
                • Rich, indulgent flavors top the go-to flavors with desserts and confections
                  • Figure 4: Current dessert flavor consumption, March 2020
                • Brands leverage nostalgia as a powerful tool for comfort and fun
                  • Figure 5: Percentage change in dessert launches by flavor, 2015-19
                • Young flavor experimenters display strongest interest in emerging flavors
                  • Figure 6: Flavor innovation by new flavor trial, March 2020
                • Consumers are open to healthier treats
                  • Figure 7: Dessert attitudes, March 2020
                • Better for you innovation can lie in hidden nutrition
                  • Figure 8: Functional ingredients, March 2020
              • Impact of COVID-19 on Flavor and Ingredient Trends in Desserts and Confections

                • What you need to know
                  • Figure 9: Short-, medium- and longer- term impact of COVID-19 on desserts and confections, May 2020
                • Opportunities and threats
                  • “Get in and get out” mentality impacts flavor experimentation
                    • Figure 10: Flavors in desserts on US menus, percentage change year over year, Q4 2017-2019
                  • DTC can help consumers on the path to new product, flavor trial
                    • Shelter…and celebrate in place
                      • Over-indulgence will eventually come to an end, but cravings will last forever
                        • Impact of COVID-19 on the desserts and confections market
                          • Sales performance in the sweet space remains sweet
                            • Figure 11: Market performance by category, 2015-19
                          • How the COVID-19 crisis will affect dessert and confection market’s key consumers
                            • BFY indulgences should feature contemporary health trends
                              • Probiotics + immunity support for everyone
                                • Stress relief can be delicious
                                  • Figure 12: Experience and interest in functional ingredients, October 2019
                                • Value will contribute to emotional wellness
                                  • How a COVID-19 recession will reshape desserts and confections
                                    • Indulgence doesn’t have to be expensive, and for many it can’t be
                                      • Figure 13: Consumer spending on food at home, annual, 2000-19 and Q1 2020
                                    • COVID-19: US context
                                    • Market Landscape – What You Need to Know

                                      • Indulgence is here to stay
                                        • Brand identity, product development and impact of COVID-19
                                          • Foodservice trends point to cross-category movement and comfort
                                          • State of the Market

                                            • Cross-category performance points to indulgence health
                                              • Figure 14: Market performance by category, 2017 and 2019
                                            • Snackability, versatility lend to appeal
                                              • Figure 15: Dessert consumption, March 2020
                                            • Contemporary “desserts” resonate broadly, while old school desserts are poised for a refresh
                                              • Figure 16: Dessert consumption, by age, March 2020
                                            • Product development distribution remains relatively unchanged
                                              • Figure 17: Dessert launches in the US by category, 2015-19
                                            • Brand identity is becoming more relevant than ever
                                              • Figure 18: GNPD launches, category by launch type, April 2020
                                            • Indulgence doesn’t have to be “just desserts”
                                              • Figure 19: Instances of desserts as a dish on US menus, percentage change, Q4 2017-2019
                                          • Market Perspective

                                            • Foodservice changes increase at home indulgence
                                              • Figure 20: Coronavirus spending habits, April-May 2020
                                            • Brands + social media can help consumers cope and discover
                                              • A return to convenience is likely…
                                                • Figure 21: Baked good purchase, November 2019
                                              • …but home baked comes with a good reputation
                                                • Figure 22: Perception of cookie types, July 2019
                                            • Market Factors

                                              • Sugar is public enemy number one
                                                • Figure 23: Nutrition label details, consumer approach to nutrition, November 2019
                                              • Simple and nostalgic flavors grow in foodservice
                                                • Figure 24: Flavors in desserts on US menus, percentage change year over year 2017-2019
                                            • Brand Landscape – What You Need to Know

                                              • Now: twists on familiar favorites
                                                • Near: sweet and spicy gets a refresh
                                                  • Next: fruit-forward, florals and hidden functionality
                                                  • Product Development – Now – Current Flavor Trends

                                                    • Sweet and salty innovation hits the spot
                                                      • Figure 25: Dessert attitudes, March 2020
                                                      • Figure 26: Percentage change in salty flavors in dessert and confection launches, 2015-19
                                                    • Birthday cake and s’mores stoke nostalgia in CPG
                                                      • Figure 27: Percentage change in dessert launches by flavor, 2015-19
                                                    • New nut butters on the block
                                                      • Figure 28: Interest in nut butter trial in desserts, by generation, March 2020
                                                      • Figure 29: Percentage change in dessert launches with nut flavor component, 2018-19
                                                    • Bold and boozy
                                                      • Figure 30: Consumer experience with bourbon in desserts and confections, by age and gender, March 2020
                                                      • Figure 31: Growth of bourbon as a dessert flavor in US menus, percentage change over time, Q4 2016-2019
                                                  • Product Development – Near – What to Watch For

                                                    • Alternative sweeteners can play a flavorful role
                                                      • Figure 32: Flavor interest, March 2020
                                                    • Sweet and spicy takes on new forms of heat
                                                      • Figure 33: Interest in cayenne as a dessert/confection flavor, by generation, March 2020
                                                    • Ruby cacao gives desserts and confections a colorful makeover
                                                      • Figure 34: Purchase Intelligence analysis of chocolate flavored desserts versus other flavored desserts, March 2020
                                                  • Product Development – Next – What’s in the Pipeline

                                                    • Chia adds superfood nutrition without compromise
                                                      • Floral flavors cultivate broad interest among Millennials
                                                        • Figure 35: Future interest in emerging floral flavors, by age, March 2020
                                                      • Fruit flavors push the boundary into international territory
                                                        • Figure 36: Interest and experience in emerging flavors, March 2020
                                                    • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                                                      • Small indulgences are part of a well-balanced diet
                                                        • Classic flavors comfort consumers
                                                          • Better for you innovation must focus on flavor
                                                          • Dessert and Confection Flavor Attitudes

                                                            • Consumers are treating themselves regularly, as part of a healthy diet
                                                              • Figure 37: Dessert attitudes, March 2020
                                                            • Young flavor experimenters look to social media for inspiration
                                                              • Figure 38: Dessert Behaviors, by generation, March 2020
                                                            • Indulgence can be healthy…but shouldn’t taste healthy
                                                              • Figure 39: Dessert attitudes, by generation, March 2020
                                                          • Willingness to Try New Flavors

                                                            • Consumers are playing it safe in the flavor field
                                                              • Figure 40: Flavor trial, March 2020
                                                            • Unique flavor and ingredient innovation can target young, male consumers
                                                              • Figure 41: Flavor trial, by age and gender, March 2020
                                                          • Desserts and Confections Consumed

                                                            • Varieties should cater to “every day” occasions
                                                              • Figure 42: Dessert/confections consumed, March 2020
                                                              • Figure 43: Dessert varieties as snacks, February 2020
                                                            • Children help parents play in the dessert aisle
                                                              • Figure 44: Repertoire of dessert and candy consumption, by parental status, March 2020
                                                              • Figure 45: Dessert/confections consumed, by parental status, March 2020
                                                          • Now – Primary Dessert and Confection Flavors Consumed

                                                            • Snapshot of top dessert and candy flavors
                                                              • Figure 46: Current dessert flavor consumption, March 2020
                                                            • Classic vanilla is the comeback kid
                                                              • Figure 47: Current dessert flavor consumption, by age, March 2020
                                                            • Chocolate, coconut resonate among female consumers
                                                              • Figure 48: Current dessert flavor consumption, by gender, March 2020
                                                            • Social flavor experimenters enjoy coffeehouse inspiration
                                                              • Figure 49: Current dessert flavors consumed, by dessert attitudes, March 2020
                                                            • Hispanic and Asian consumers lead the charge in fruit-forward desserts
                                                              • Figure 50: Current dessert flavor consumption, by race and Hispanic origin, March 2020
                                                          • Near – Dessert and Confection Flavor Experience and Interest

                                                            • Consumers have been exploring beyond the basics
                                                              • Figure 51: Flavor innovation, March 2020
                                                            • Dessert flavors resonate differently based on generation
                                                              • Figure 52: Interest in Tier 2 flavors, by generation, March 2020
                                                          • Next – Dessert Flavor Experience and Interest

                                                            • Emerging flavors can rely on foodservice and cross-category movement for growth in desserts
                                                              • Figure 53: Emerging flavors, March 2020
                                                            • Flavor experimenters are interested in unique indulgent experiences
                                                              • Figure 54: Emerging flavors by new flavor trial, March 2020
                                                          • Interest in Better for You Ingredients in Desserts and Confections

                                                            • Plant-based alternatives top the list of interest in better for you ingredients
                                                              • Figure 55: Functional ingredients, March 2020
                                                            • Generational breakdown of functional ingredients in desserts
                                                              • Figure 56: Functional ingredients, by generation, March 2020
                                                            • Functional ingredient interest in dessert varieties
                                                              • Figure 57: Dessert ingredient interest, by dessert varieties consumed, March 2020
                                                          • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                            • Data sources
                                                              • Sales data
                                                                • Consumer survey data
                                                                  • Purchase Intelligence
                                                                    • Abbreviations

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