UK eSports Market Report 2023
The cost of living crisis means some esports viewers are attending fewer events, providing an opportunity for game studios with esports coverage to appeal to them. Zach Emmanuel, Technology…

UK eSports Market Report 2023

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The eSports market is continuing steady growth in the global market. Over two-thirds of British gamers watched eSports in the past three months. Mintel’s UK eSports Market Report 2023 provides an analysis of the eSports UK market, identifies how brands can capitalise on the increasing consumer interest and encourage growth against a difficult economic backdrop.

Below, we’ve handpicked the key insights analysed in the full report and summarised the core topics.

Key Issues Covered in this Report

  • Viewership of game streams and professional gaming competitions.
  • The impact of the cost of living crisis on esports viewing and spending habits.
  • Current reasons for not watching esports and how to engage people to watch.
  • Challenges facing the industry, including the impact of competitive gaming on mental wellbeing and how the industry is tackling this.

Products Covered in this Report

This Report analyses the competitive gaming market, also known as eSports, covering console, PC, tablet, mobile and VR gaming. The Report also discusses gameplay streaming and watching. Gameplay streams are defined as users broadcasting their gaming content online for an audience to watch, whether that is competitive gaming or not.

ESports is defined as a professional player/team (those who play competitively for money) competing in gameplay against another player/team.

UK eSports Market Size

The global eSports market has seen its steady growth continuing in 2023, rising to £1.6 billion. The Western European market has seen a similar growth, estimated to increase by 12% in 2023.

UK eSports Market – Opportunities for growth

Female role models needed

There is a clear difference in the percentage of women who see eSports players as good role models compared to men. Market research shows that women have a slight preference for role-playing and first person shooter games. This suggests that developing and promoting female gamers across games in these genres is most likely to create role models that women will engage with.

Cost of living crisis creates an opportunity for gaming studios

The cost of living crisis has caused almost a quarter of eSports viewers to go to fewer eSports events, which provides an opportunity for gaming venues to target this audience. Gaming studios are in a great position to appeal to consumers during the cost of living crisis as a cheaper alternative to going to the competition venue, while also providing a better atmosphere than watching at home.

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Expert Analysis from a Technology Specialist

This report, written by Zach Emmanuel, a leading technology analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends in the UK eSports market and add expert context to the numbers.

The cost of living crisis means some eSports viewers are attending fewer events, providing an opportunity for game studios with eSports coverage to appeal to them.

Zach Emmanuel - Research AnalystZach Emmanuel
Technology Analyst

Table of Contents

    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Products covered in this Report
  1. Executive SummAry

    • Opportunities for the esports market
    • Market outlook
    • Graph 1: esports revenue, 2020-23
    • What consumers want and why
    • Graph 2: game playing and game viewing habits, 2023
    • Graph 3: associations with esports, 2023
    • Graph 4: main reasons for not watching esports (ranked in top three), NET, 2023
    • Graph 5: impact of cost of living crisis on esports viewing habits, 2023
    • Graph 6: factors most likely to encourage buying from an esports-related brand (ranked in top three), 2023
    • Graph 7: attitudes towards esports, 2023
    • Launch activity
  2. Market Dynamics

    • Market size and performance
    • Graph 8: esports revenue, 2020-23
    • Market drivers
    • Graph 9: CPI inflation rate, 2021-23
    • Graph 10: household ownership of static games consoles, 2023
    • Graph 11: view of impact of virtual reality on gaming over next five years, 2023
    • Graph 12: attitudes towards advancements in gaming and online socialising, 2023
  3. What consumers want and why

    • Watching esports and non-competitive gameplay
    • Graph 13: game playing and game viewing habits in the last three months, 2023
    • Graph 14: watched esports or game streams in the last three months, crossed by played video games in the last three months, 2023
    • Graph 15: live streamed own gameplay in the last three months, by generation, 2023
    • Associations with esports
    • Graph 16: associations with esports, 2023
    • Graph 17: describe esports as inclusive or toxic, split by gender, 2023
    • Reasons for not watching esports
    • Graph 18: main reasons for not watching esports (ranked in top three) NET, 2023
    • Graph 19: not knowing enough about esports is top three reason for not watching, by generation, 2023
    • Buying products from brands involved in esports
    • Graph 20: would make someone buy from an esports-related brand (ranked in top three), 2023
    • Impact of cost of living crisis on esports viewing
    • Graph 21: impact of cost of living crisis on esports viewing habits, 2023
    • Attitudes towards esports
    • Graph 22: attitudes towards esports, 2023
    • Graph 23: think that playing video games competitively is bad for mental wellbeing, by livestream own gameplay, 2023
    • Graph 24: think that immersive technologies would improve esports viewing, by household income, 2023
    • Graph 25: think esports players are good role models, by gender, 2023
  4. Innovation

    • Launch activity and innovation
  5. Appendix

    • Data sources, abbreviations and supporting information

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