US CBD and Health Market Report 2021
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“COVID-19 brought a maelstrom of mental, physical and spiritual health concerns and many consumers turned to CBD to ease their pain, improve their sleep, lessen their anxieties and relieve some…

US CBD and Health Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the CBD and Health Consumer market including the behaviors, preferences, and habits of the consumer.

CBD is a health product at its core with ample opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic, including increased use from current users and an influx of new users. Continued growth will require brands to expand their product lines to include a variety of formats and products that are more complex than CBD alone. Brands should maintain a focus on holistic health grounded in CBD health benefits research, which should include physical, mental, and even spiritual wellbeing.

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Quickly understand

  • Increases in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The importance of healthy living routines to CBD growth and how to message toward them.
  • The importance of diverse product lines.
  • Opportunities with women and older consumers.

Covered in this report

Brands include: Winged Wellness, Equilibria, Peleton, Awaken Arousal Oil, Kush Queen, Privy Peach, Medterra, CBD Living, Soul, The Root of it All, ASYSTEM Cause+ Medic.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

This report, written by Michele Scott, a leading analyst in the Health and Wellbeing sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

COVID-19 brought a maelstrom of mental, physical, and spiritual health concerns and many consumers turned to CBD to ease their pain, improve their sleep, lessen their anxieties, and relieve some of their stress. Unfortunately for consumers, stress and anxiety are not going anywhere even as we enter the next normal of daily life. Fortunately for brands, CBD promises a range of solutions for ailments. While mental health concerns will remain the key use cases for general populations, brands should expand their product lines to include other health and wellbeing products, like topicals for pain or sexual health products. As an added bonus, these additional options serve current users while attracting new users, especially from key markets like women and older consumers.

Michele Scott

Senior Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definition
          • Market context
            • Economic and other assumptions
              • COVID-19: US context
              • Executive Summary

                  • Top takeaways
                    • Market overview
                      • Impact of COVID-19 on CBD in health and wellness
                        • Figure 1: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on personal health management and CBD use for health management, March 2020
                      • Opportunities and challenges
                        • Getting to know CBD
                          • Double down on dosing and innovation to maintain growth
                            • Figure 2: Reasons for increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, March 2021
                          • Maintain momentum on education
                            • Figure 3: Trended knowledge of CBD and hemp, 2020 vs. March 2021
                          • Women’s health opportunities recruit new users
                            • Figure 4: Use of CBD in the past year, by gender, March 2021
                          • Make CBD a healthy routine
                            • Innovate around existing trends
                              • Figure 5: Interest in CBD innovation, November 2020
                          • Target Audience – Key Takeaways

                            • CBD in health and wellness is growing, with an assist from recreation
                              • CBD consumers do not exist in a bubble
                                • Health consumers are not all the same
                                • Target Audience by the Numbers

                                  • Increase in use steady and strong
                                    • Figure 6: Use and interest in CBD in the past 12 months, March 2021
                                  • CBD is built for health habits
                                    • Figure 7: CBD use in past three months, November 2020
                                  • CBD doesn’t have to do it alone
                                    • Figure 8: Interest in CBD innovation, November 2020
                                  • Health halos should marry specific issues and broad appeal
                                    • Figure 9: Type of CBD use, November 2020
                                • Market Factors

                                  • Keeping communication within guidelines is a challenge
                                    • Connections to health may offset economic confidence woes
                                      • Figure 10: Consumer Sentiment Index, January 2007-March 2021
                                    • Connections between wellbeing and value support CBD
                                      • Supply chain restricted by (literal) CBD growth
                                      • Companies and Brands – Key Takeaways

                                        • Think beyond traditional strategies to reach women
                                          • Reward consumer routines
                                            • Supplement CBD with other ingredients
                                            • Competitive Strategies

                                              • CBD communities are #squadgoals for brands targeting women
                                                • Sexual healing is good for CBD
                                                  • COVID-19 reinforces focus on immunity
                                                    • Other functional ingredients make a CBD dream team for BPC
                                                    • Market Opportunities

                                                      • Market opportunities continue as COVID-19 subsides
                                                        • Current users using more drives growth
                                                          • Figure 11: Changes in CBD use in past year, March 2021
                                                        • Expanding product lines will expand markets
                                                          • Have fun with education
                                                            • Figure 12: Knowledge about CBD and hemp
                                                          • Create value for consumers that extend beyond price
                                                            • Highlight alternative uses however possible, and legal
                                                            • The Consumer – Key Takeaways

                                                              • Incremental efforts and feelings of control add to lifestyle messaging
                                                                • Consumers are evenly split between use, interest and disinterest
                                                                  • Stick with formats consumers know and understand
                                                                    • CBD can connect the dots for consumers struggling with mental health
                                                                      • CBD is still confusing
                                                                        • Brands should expand product lines
                                                                          • Stress, new products drive use
                                                                            • CBD is part of the wellness puzzle
                                                                            • Health Attitudes

                                                                              • Frame a proactive approach to health
                                                                                • Figure 13: Consumer attitudes about health, March 2021
                                                                              • Think of older populations as lifestyle consumers
                                                                                • Figure 14: Consumer attitudes about health, by age, March 2021
                                                                              • Market to women with immediate and long-term resolutions
                                                                                • Figure 15: Consumer attitudes about health, by gender, March 2021
                                                                            • CBD Knowledge

                                                                              • Define CBD first
                                                                                • Figure 16: Knowledge about CBD and hemp, March 2021
                                                                              • Educate women where they’re already healthfully engaged
                                                                                • Figure 17: Knowledge about CBD and hemp, by gender, March 2021
                                                                              • Target older women, adult children, to reach the aging population
                                                                                • Figure 18: Knowledge about CBD and hemp, by age, March 2021
                                                                            • Use and Interest in CBD

                                                                              • Remember: recreation is healthy
                                                                                • Figure 19: Use and interest in CBD in the past 12 months
                                                                              • Potential new users carry serious market potential
                                                                                • Figure 20: Use and interest in CBD in the past 12 months, by gender, March 2021
                                                                              • Introduce rec use to health users
                                                                                • Figure 21: Typical use of CBD in the past year by changes in past year, March 2021
                                                                            • Interest in CBD Format by Need

                                                                              • Align formats with non-CBD products with similar purposes
                                                                                • Figure 22: CBD Format interest by specific condition, March 2021
                                                                              • Inhalables tarnish the health halo
                                                                                • Figure 23: CBD format interest by specific condition, by gender, March 2021
                                                                            • Potential Mental Health Drivers

                                                                              • Do not underestimate stress of transitions to next normal
                                                                                • Figure 24: Specific mental health concerns consumers are willing to treat with CBD, March 2021
                                                                              • Look to medical community for an assist with women’s mental health
                                                                                • Figure 25: Potential CBD managed mental health concerns, by gender, March 2021
                                                                            • Change in CBD Use

                                                                              • Brands should expand their portfolios to meet increasing demand
                                                                                • Figure 26: Changes in CBD use in past year, March 2021
                                                                              • Keep up momentum with female users
                                                                                • Figure 27: Changes in CBD use in past year, by gender, March 2021
                                                                              • Get off on the right foot with older consumers
                                                                                • Figure 28: Changes in CBD use in past year, by age, March 2021
                                                                              • Attract consumers with health, boost leisure use
                                                                                • Figure 29: Changes in CBD use in past year, by primary use, March 2021
                                                                              • Expand product messaging to reach more new users
                                                                                • Figure 30: Changes in CBD use in past year, by primary use, March 2021
                                                                            • Reasons for Increased Use

                                                                              • Stress motivates use, but so do options
                                                                                • Figure 31: Reasons for increase in CBD use in the past year, March 2021
                                                                              • Women need support – CBD can help
                                                                                • Figure 32: Reasons for increase in CBD use in the past year, by gender, March 2021
                                                                              • Consider how older consumers define health differently
                                                                                • Figure 33: Reasons for increase in CBD use in the past year, by age, March 2021
                                                                            • CBD and Health Attitudes

                                                                              • Fit CBD into existing wellness routines
                                                                                • Figure 34: CBD and health attitudes, March 2021
                                                                              • Create ideal CBD consumers through diverse product lines
                                                                                • Figure 35: CBD and health attitudes, March 2021
                                                                            • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                              • Data sources
                                                                                • Consumer survey data
                                                                                  • Abbreviations and terms
                                                                                    • Abbreviations
                                                                                      • Terms

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