US Dealerships and Third-Party Car Buying Market Report 2020
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“Consumers are not impressed with the level of service automotive retailers provide. Dealerships have a strong hold on the market, but that’s mainly out of habit. The money and time…

US Dealerships and Third-Party Car Buying Market Report 2020

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Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the Dealerships and Third-Party Car Buying: Incl Impact of COVID-19 – US market, and the behaviours, preferences and habits of the consumer.

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What are the key challenges facing the industry? Who is the consumer and what do they want? Where are the opportunities, where are the risks and what lies ahead?

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Consumers have ample options to choose from in terms of where
to purchase their next vehicle. Whether it’s shopping at a local
dealership, buying from a retailer rooted in online purchases or
simply buying a car off Craigslist, the automotive retail landscape
has changed drastically and will continue to do so. With that being
said, ample options don’t necessarily equate to a better car buying
experience. Across the board, automotive retailers are failing to
meet consumer expectations.

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Written by Hannah Keshishian, a leading analyst in the Automotive sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Consumers are not impressed with the level of service automotive retailers provide. Dealerships have a strong hold on the market, but that’s mainly out of habit. The money and time required to attract new customers is significant, especially during a pandemic. In the long run, providing a better customer experience can increase profits by providing guaranteed repeat purchases, and cut down on customer acquisition costs – something that would be a win-win for all parties involved
Hannah Keshishian
Automotive Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definition
          • COVID-19: Market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Top takeaways
                • Market overview
                  • Impact of COVID-19 on the used vehicle market
                    • Figure 1: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on used vehicle sales, September 2020
                  • Opportunities and Challenges
                    • Lack of used vehicle inventory will lead to an increase in value
                      • Dealerships need to further digitize their car buying experience
                        • Third party retailers should push service center offerings
                        • The Market – Key Takeaways

                          • Much like new, used vehicle sales have decreased in the short term due to COVID-19
                            • As unemployment numbers decrease, more consumers may buy cars
                              • Consumer confidence makes small gains after severe losses
                              • Market Size and Forecast

                                • COVID-19 to have less of an impact on used vehicle sales
                                  • Figure 2: Total US retail sales and forecast of used vehicle sales, at current prices, 2015-25
                                • Impact of COVID-19 on the used vehicle market
                                  • Figure 3: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on the used vehicle market, September 2020
                                • Lockdown
                                  • Reemergence
                                    • Recovery
                                      • COVID-19: US context
                                        • Learnings from the last recession
                                          • Declining vehicle sales could once again lead to shuttered dealerships and more
                                          • Market Breakdown

                                            • More US households could become two-car homes
                                              • Figure 4: Vehicle ownership, April 2020
                                          • Market Factors

                                            • Decreasing unemployment numbers could spur vehicle purchases
                                              • Figure 5: Unemployment and underemployment, January 2007- August 2020
                                            • Declining traffic volumes in 2020 could hinder vehicle purchases
                                              • Consumers are slightly more optimistic about the US economy
                                                • Figure 6: Consumer Sentiment Index, January 2007-August 2020
                                            • Market Opportunities

                                              • Facial recognition tech to serve as a staff COVID tracker
                                              • Competitive Strategies

                                                • How Carvana sells cars
                                                    • Figure 7: Carvana – Ditch the Dealership, August 2019
                                                    • Figure 8: Carvana – Pioneers of 100% Online Car Buying, June 2020
                                                  • How CarMax sells cars
                                                    • Figure 9: CarMax – Everywhere is a CarMax, July 2020
                                                  • How dealerships sell cars
                                                    • Jeep-centric dealerships find success during the pandemic
                                                      • Declining sales have dealer groups cutting their losses, and jobs
                                                      • The Consumer – Key Takeaways

                                                        • Despite pandemic, consumers’ car buying behavior stays consistent
                                                          • Consumers pick dealerships as the most popular retailer
                                                            • Young adults and parents of young drivers are looking for warranties
                                                              • COVID keeps car buyers hesitant to enter dealerships
                                                              • Vehicle Purchase Intent

                                                                • Despite pandemic, car buying behaviors remain unchanged
                                                                  • Figure 10: Purchase intent timeline, May 2020
                                                                • Most consumers plan to trade in their current vehicle
                                                                  • Figure 11: Trade-in intent, May 2020
                                                                • Adults want to buy new vehicles
                                                                  • Figure 12: Vehicle type consideration, May 2020
                                                              • Vehicle Retailer Locations

                                                                • Status quo helps dealerships thrive
                                                                  • Figure 13: Recently acquired vehicle location, May 2020
                                                                • Young car buyers more willing to try out third party dealers
                                                                    • Figure 14: Recently acquired vehicle location, by age, May 2020
                                                                • Perceptions of Vehicle Retailers

                                                                  • Retailer trust lags behind the best deal
                                                                    • Figure 15: Reason for purchasing from a specific retailer, May 2020
                                                                  • CarMax customers attracted to trust, reliability
                                                                    • Figure 16: Consumer trust among vehicle retailers, May 2020
                                                                    • Figure 17: Vehicle warranty as reason for retailer selection, May 2020
                                                                    • Figure 18: Ease of car purchasing process, by retailer, May 2020
                                                                  • Young car buyers and parents want warranties
                                                                    • Figure 19: Warranty as retailer purchase reason, by age May 2020
                                                                    • Figure 20: Warranty as retailer purchase reason, by parental status, May 2020
                                                                • Vehicle Retailer Attributes

                                                                  • Dealerships are the “worst,” unless compared to other vehicle retailers
                                                                    • Figure 21: Warranty as retailer purchase reason, by parental status, May 2020
                                                                  • Consumers tolerate dealerships, dislike staff
                                                                      • Figure 22: Perceptions of dealerships and staff, May 2020
                                                                    • CarMax crushes Carvana in car buyer perception
                                                                      • Figure 23: Perceptions of Carvana and CarMax, May 2020
                                                                    • Car purchasing process, not retailer, intimidates car buyers
                                                                      • Figure 24: Perceptions of intimidating retailers, May 2020
                                                                  • Vehicle Retailer Selection Factors

                                                                    • Consumers emphasize variety over value
                                                                      • Figure 25: Top factors when selecting a vehicle retailer, May 2020
                                                                    • Young car buyers prioritize health safety; older consumers prioritize price
                                                                      • Figure 26: Top factors when selecting a vehicle retailer, by age, May 2020
                                                                    • Brand name matters more to Boomers and Swing Generation
                                                                      • Figure 27: Top factors when selecting a vehicle retailer, by age, May 2020
                                                                      • Figure 28: Presence of favorite dealership, May 2020
                                                                    • Dealerships should lean into localism
                                                                      • Figure 29: Perception of dealerships as a local business, May 2020
                                                                    • Have deal, consumers will travel
                                                                      • Figure 30: Likelihood of travel for best vehicle deal, May 2020
                                                                    • COVID causes more hesitancy in young car buyers over old
                                                                      • Figure 31: Reluctance to enter dealership, by age, May 2020
                                                                    • Gen Z doesn’t buy into stigma of used car retailers
                                                                      • Figure 32: Consumer lack of trust in used car retailers, by generation, May 2020
                                                                    • Feelings of being understood could drive dealership loyalty
                                                                      • Figure 33: Consumer sentiment of being understood, May 2020
                                                                  • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                    • Data sources
                                                                      • Sales data
                                                                        • Forecast
                                                                          • Consumer survey data
                                                                            • Consumer qualitative research
                                                                              • Direct marketing creative
                                                                                • Manufacturer Retail Selling PriceAbbreviations and terms
                                                                                  • Abbreviations
                                                                                    • Terms

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