US Family Entertainment Market Report 2023
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“The types of activities and experiences families can enjoy together continue to evolve thanks to emerging technology and immersive in-person offerings. That said, at the core, it’s all about the…

US Family Entertainment Market Report 2023

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This report explores the family entertainment industry in the US. Covering digital and offline activities, we explore the most important market and consumer trends that will help brands to understand how to target consumer demographics effectively.

Below, we’ve summarised the key areas analysed and offer handpicked insights from the report.

Key Areas Analysed

  • How inflation and shifting family dynamics impact family activities.
  • Digital, screen-free, and out-of-home activities parents have done with their children.
  • Motivations for family activities.
  • Attitudes towards family entertainment.
  • Types of experiences parents want for their children.

US Household Composition Overview

There are 61.3 million parents living with kids under 18, and the majority of them (over half) are Millennials. While married couples continue to account for the majority of households with children, nearly a quarter of moms are solo parents. For single moms, the median earnings is significantly lower than for all households with kids. As discussed in our US Disposable Baby Products 2023 Market Report, the average age of first-time parents is increasing. With this, the financial stability of parents increases, and so their options for seeking entertainment widen.

Looking ahead, brands must understand the shifting family dynamics to both meet the needs of current or soon-to-be parents and also strategically plan for the future.

Family Entertainment in the US: Outlook

While parents are continuing to return to pre-pandemic behaviours in seeking family activities, increased prices are now a key issue. This will result in parents maximising their dollars with cost-efficient forms of entertainment. In the next two years, as inflation eases, parents may become more comfortable spending again, but they will likely retain cost-conscious behaviours. Looking into the future, as Gen Z and Millennials become parents, brands should look into incorporating more tech to these digital natives into their family entertainment offerings.

Find more consumer trends and relevant opportunities for brands in the full report. Alternatively, try our Family Market Research, or more broadly, our Leisure Time Market Research.

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Expert Analysis

This report, written by Vince DiGirolamo, our US reports director, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends in the family activities and entertainment market, adding expert context to the numbers.

The types of activities and experiences families can enjoy together continue to evolve thanks to emerging technology and immersive in-person offerings. That said, at the core, it’s all about the time they are spending together. For parents, it’s less about the quantity of time with their kids and more about having quality time and shared experiences. Moving forward, brands must offer experiences and content that align with the various goals parents want to achieve with their children.

Vince DiGirolamo, Director, US Reports


Vince DiGirolamo
Reports Director

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • This Report looks at the following areas
        • Definition
          • Market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Top takeaways
                • Consumer trends
                  • Competitive strategies
                    • Hyper Fatigue
                      • Figure 1: Aspen Institute Project Play
                    • Enjoyment Everywhere
                      • Figure 2: Paddington Bear immersive experience opened in May 2023
                    • Experience is All
                      • Figure 3: Museum of Ice Cream offers interactive experience
                    • Market predictions
                      • Figure 4: Family entertainment outlook, 2023-28
                    • Opportunities
                    • Families by the Numbers

                      • There are 63.1 million parents living with kids under 18
                        • Figure 5: Parents with coresident children under 18, by age of parent, 2020
                      • Moms are more likely to be solo parents
                        • Figure 6: Parents with coresident children under 18, by living arrangement of parent, 2020
                      • Number of households with children continues to decline
                        • Figure 7: Households, by presence of own children, 2011-21
                        • Figure 8: Average age of mother at first birth, 1990-2020
                      • Families are becoming more diverse
                        • Figure 9: Households with related children under 18 in the household, by race and Hispanic origin of householder, 2021
                        • Figure 10: Fertility rates and birth rates, by race and Hispanic origin, 2020 and 2021
                    • Impact of Inflation

                      • Families feel the pinch of inflation
                        • Figure 11: Consumer Price Index change from previous period, 2007-23
                        • Figure 12: Consumer Sentiment Index, 2007-23
                        • Figure 13: Parent attitudes toward inflation, 2023
                    • Competitive Strategies and Market Opportunities

                        • Hyper Fatigue
                          • Figure 14: Aspen Institute Project Play
                          • Figure 15: Avrom Farm Party offers family friendly activities
                        • Enjoyment Everywhere
                          • Figure 16: Paddington Bear immersive experience opened in May 2023
                        • Experience is All
                          • Figure 17: Museum of Ice Cream offers interactive experience
                      • Family Entertainment – Fast Facts

                        • Digital Activities as Family Entertainment

                          • Digital activities are integral to family life
                            • Figure 18: Family digital activities, 2023
                          • Moms and dads may take different approaches to interacting with kids
                            • Figure 19: Family digital activities, 2023
                            • Figure 20: Sesame Workshop promotes outdoor activities on social media
                            • Figure 21: Nickelodeon’s Slimetime NFL broadcast
                          • Animated content tops the list of family fare; some preferences change as kids get older
                            • Figure 22: Types of shows/videos parents watch with their kids, by age of child, 2023
                            • Figure 23: Bob’s Burgers and Bluey showcase relatable characters and topics
                        • Screen-free Family Activities at Home

                          • Away from screens, outdoor and active play top the list
                            • Figure 24: Screen-free at-home family activities, 2023
                          • Moms more likely than dads to engage in screen free activities
                            • Figure 25: Screen-free at-home family activities, by gender of parent, 2023
                            • Figure 26: LEGO showcases dads in social content
                          • Make believe play dwindles after age five
                            • Figure 27: Screen-free, at-home family activities, by age of child, 2023
                            • Figure 28: Sur La Table offers summer series for kids and teens
                        • Family Outings

                          • Dining in a restaurant is the top out-of-home activity for families
                            • Figure 29: Family outings in past 12 months, 2023
                            • Figure 30: 99 Restaurants, AMC Theatres, and Museum of Science look to appeal to parents in various ways
                          • Moms and dads can have differing approaches when they leave the home
                            • Figure 31: Family outings in past 12 months, by gender of parent, 2023
                            • Figure 32: Disney Parks leverages real parents to offer advice and share personal experiences
                        • Family Activity Motivations

                          • Parents want shared moments with their kids
                              • Figure 33: Correspondence Analysis – Symmetrical map – Motivations for Family Activities, 2023
                          • Attitudes toward Family Entertainment

                            • Screen time is a concern, but a necessary part of parenting
                              • Figure 34: Parent attitudes toward screen time, 2023
                            • Value comes from exposing kids to new experiences
                              • Figure 35: Parent attitudes toward value in family entertainment, 2023
                          • Encouraging New Experiences

                            • Parents want their kids to be exposed to more
                              • Figure 36: Types of new experiences parents want their kids to have, 2023
                            • The stakes are higher for moms
                              • Figure 37: Types of new experiences parents want their kids to have, by gender of parent, 2023
                            • Multicultural families are interested in exposing kids to different cultures
                              • Figure 38: Types of new experiences parents want their kids to have, by race and Hispanic origin, 2023
                              • Figure 39: Sesame Street aims to support parents and educate kids on the significance of Juneteenth
                          • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                            • Data sources
                              • Consumer survey data
                                • Abbreviations and terms
                                  • Terms

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