US Grains and Rice Market Report 2023
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To keep sales momentum and navigate the push and pull of rising food costs, it's time to rekindle consumer's appreciation for affordable, versatile grains and rice. Kamari Davis, Research…

US Grains and Rice Market Report 2023

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Get ahead in the US grains and rice industry with this extensive report. This versatile food faces challenges in 2023. Yet, opportunities exist for brands that cater to consumer preferences. With this report, you’ll gain insight into what consumers want from grains and rice, which is tied to the market performance as a whole.

Below, we provide the report scope, summarise the key topics covered, and offer select insights from the report itself.

Report Scope

Products covered in this Report include:

  • Dry rice (including those without added seasoning/flavouring)
  • White and brown rice and jasmine, as well as dry rice/grain blends such as wild/brown rice, rice/barley
  • Dry rice mixes, including those with added seasonings or flavourings, including instant, ready-to-serve and ready-to-eat varieties
  • Grains, including chia seeds, oats (all types), quinoa, barley and other ancient grains.

Although grains are covered in this report, they are not included in the market size.

Key Topics Covered

  • Types of rice and grains purchased.
  • Rice/grain consumption frequency.
  • Rice/grain occasions and uses.
  • Important rice and grain product features.
  • Rice/grain associations.
  • Rice/grains attitudes and behaviours.
  • Grains and rice market size/forecast and segment performance.

Grains and Rice Industry Outlook

Stakeholders have reassurance that grains and rice will always be a household staple, but the market is not without challenges in 2023. Climate change and persistent supply chain disruptions from global conflicts threaten to drive up category costs. Meanwhile, inflation deceleration encourages consumers away from the value that rice and grains offer. So, brands will want to help consumers reimagine the role of rice in grains in their routines.

Grains and Rice Consumer Stats

  • Just 28% of consumers agree unflavored rice is versatile. Most still use rice as part of a main for dinner or a side, indicating an opportunity to encourage more diverse occasion use. For example, only 12% consume rice as an afternoon snack.
  • Flavour tops as the most important rice/grains feature. While versatility and recipe/prep suggestions are secondary to price and ease, the importance of flavour to consumers (around half choose based on flavour) highlights their priority when it comes to purchasing.
  • Pairing versatile flavours can complement a variety of applications. As found in the Regional and International Flavors and Ingredients 2023 Report, international flavour/ingredient trial gains footing when grounded in the familiar. Brands can look to pair versatile flavours like garlic, teriyaki, or cilantro-lime, broadening applications.

What’s Next for Grains and Rice?

Younger palates seek elevated experiences with diverse flavours and cuisines. For example, half of Millennials agree international cuisine allows them to experience different cultures. Yet, simplicity is important to this demographic. 35% (Gen Z/Millennials) would eat more rice/grains in recipes that use instant pots/slow cookers, and a similar number are interested in rice/grains in meal kits. With rice and grains’ role in global cuisine, incorporating younger consumers’ interest here is a future opportunity to engage.

Find a complete analysis of competitive strategies in the US grains and rice market in the full report. Alternatively, browse our extensive library of food market research.

Brands Discussed

Various brands are discussed within the scope of the report, covering successful strategies and marketing/advertising campaigns from brands. Examples include H-E-B’s Texas Style Jardin Rice as a regional flavour example (outperforming the category for consumer purchase intent), Seeds of Change’s campaign to put a fun spin on the “walking taco”, and more.

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Expert Analysis

This report, written by Kamari Davis, a leading food analyst, delivers an in-depth analysis of the US grains and rice industry.

To keep sales momentum and navigate the push and pull of rising food costs, it’s time to rekindle consumer’s appreciation for affordable, versatile grains and rice.

Kamari Davis
Research Analyst, Food & Drink

Table of Contents

    • Key issues covered in this Report
  1. Executive summary

  2. Consumer Insights

    • Consumer Fast Facts
    • Types of rice and grains purchased
    • Graph 1: trended rice/grains purchased, 2021-23
    • Graph 2: grains and rice purchase, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 3: repertoire of rice/grains purchased, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 4: repertoire of rice/grains purchased, by attitudes and behaviors, 2023
    • Rice/grain occasions and uses
    • Graph 5: grains and rice occasions and uses, NET, any grains/rice, 2023
    • Graph 6: grains and rice occasions/uses by generation, 2023
    • Graph 7: rice/grains occasions, by work location, 2023
    • Consumption frequency
    • Graph 8: consumption frequency of rice and grains, 2023
    • Important rice and grain features
    • Graph 9: important grains/rice features, 2023
    • Graph 10: important grains features by parental status, 2023
    • Rice and grains perceptions
    • Graph 11: rice and grains perceptions, 2023
    • Grains and Rice Attitudes and Behaviors
    • Graph 12: grains/rice attitudes and behaviors, 2023
    • Graph 13: rice and grains attitudes and behaviors, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 14: rice and grains attitudes and behaviors, by work location, 2023
  3. Competitive strategies

    • Brands go global to diversify and meet changing needs
    • Brands turn to social to inspire more diverse use
    • Keep your eye on parents, but don’t forget about everyone else
    • Graph 15: food tracker frequency of flavors 2023
    • Marketing and advertising
  4. The Market

    • Market size and forecast
    • Market drivers
    • Graph 16: personal assessment of financial health, 2022-23
    • Graph 17: ways consumers save money on food and drink, 2022-23
    • Graph 18: attitudes and behaviors with global cuisines, 2023
    • Graph 19: consumption of global cuisines, 2022-23
    • Market segmentation
    • Market share/brand share
    • Graph 20: grains and rice company sales, 2022-23
  5. Appendix

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