US Non-alcoholic Beverages in Foodservice Market Report 2024
Non-alcoholic beverages play versatile roles for consumers ranging from functional to indulgent, but have room to grow in new dayparts and occasions. Varchasvi, Research Analyst…

US Non-alcoholic Beverages in Foodservice Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

Explore how consumers interact with non-alcoholic beverages in foodservice with this in-depth report. Gain a competitive edge with data-backed analysis and grow your business insights strategy today. Below, we’ve summarized the core topics analyzed and handpicked insights from the full document.

Core Topics Analyzed

  • Non-alcoholic beverage consumption occasions.
  • Consumer perception of various beverage types.
  • Beverage consumption behaviors surrounding health and new item trial.
  • Cultural relevance of hydration and treats.
  • Non-alcoholic beverage menu activity.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Foodservice Insights

Non-alcoholic (NA) beverage innovation is on the rise, with a focus on integrating international ingredients and spices into indulgent beverages. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are developing in-house flavored energy drinks, and marketing is shifting towards highlighting the value and indulgence of NA beverages.

Consumers are showing an interest in sober curiosity, with non-alcoholic beverages being seen as an affordable indulgence. This trend is particularly strong among Gen Zs and older generations. Although NA beverages are not necessarily in direct competition with alcoholic drinks, they add desirable choices to the menu, and consumers are cutting back on alcohol to save money.

The success of NA beverages in foodservice hinges on their ability to integrate into the overall dining experience. While consumers are open to innovation, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) remain the most popular choice due to their familiarity, affordability, and ease of pairing with meals. To appeal to a broader audience, NA beverages should offer versatility and customization while maintaining affordability.

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Expert Analysis

Leading foodservice analyst Varchasvi delivers expert industry insights with this in-depth report.

Non-alcoholic beverages play versatile roles for consumers ranging from functional to indulgent, but have room to grow in new dayparts and occasions.

Varchasvi, Analyst – US Foodservice and Mintel Menu Insights


US Foodservice Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Consumer trends: key takeaways
    • Market predictions
    • Opportunities
  2. Market Dynamics

    • Market context
    • Strong financial futures allow for elaborate spending on dining, including non-alcoholic beverages
    • Graph 1: opinions on financial future, 2024
    • Foodservice expected to surpass $1.1 trillion in 2024
    • Market drivers
    • America's cultural obsession with hydration
    • Trading down to better options: non-alcoholic beverages as an affordable indulgence
    • Graph 2: change in alcohol consumption, 2023
    • Price fluctuations can threaten beverages' "beloved treat" status
    • Graph 3: average prices of non-alcoholic beverages in foodservice, Q3 2022-Q3 2023
  3. Consumer Insights

    • Consumer fast facts
    • Foodservice NA beverage consumers
    • A closer look at consumers of non-alcoholic beverages in foodservice
    • Graph 4: foodservice NA beverage consumer segments, 2023
    • Versatility-driven non-alcoholic beverage consumers
    • Graph 5: versatility-driven NA beverage consumers, 2023
    • Disengaged non-alcoholic beverage consumers
    • Graph 6: disengaged NA beverage consumers, 2023
    • Habit-driven non-alcoholic beverage consumers
    • Graph 7: habit-driven NA beverage consumers, 2023
    • Indulgence-driven non-alcoholic beverage consumers
    • Graph 8: indulgence-driven NA beverage consumers, 2023
    • NA beverage ordering
    • Conventional foodservice occasions invite conventional ordering behaviors
    • Graph 9: non-alcoholic beverage ordering, 2024
    • Younger women seek treats while men want functionality
    • Graph 10: non-alcoholic beverage ordering, by select generations and gender, 2024
    • The accessibility of non-alcoholic beverages is their greatest asset
    • Graph 11: non-alcoholic beverage ordering, by generation and gender, 2024
    • NA beverage occasions
    • Make dining feel special again with NA beverage pairings
    • Graph 12: non-alcoholic beverage consumption occasions, 2023
    • As long as they are affordable, NA beverages can be indulgent and uplifting
    • Graph 13: non-alcoholic beverage consumption occasions, 2023
    • A crowd-pleasing beverage menu will have something for every occasion
    • Graph 14: non-alcoholic beverage consumption occasions, by generation, 2023
    • NA beverage associations
    • Hydrating NA beverages need a foodservice facelift
    • Provide a non-alcoholic beverage for every mood
    • Graph 15: non-alcoholic beverage perception, 2023
    • Important NA beverage attributes
    • Go all out on LTOs, but for the rest, keep it simple
    • Graph 16: important attributes when selecting non-alcoholic beverages, by rank, 2023
    • Diners' price sensitivity toward non-alcoholic beverages is complicated
    • Diners' price sensitivity towards non-alcoholic beverages is complicated
    • Graph 17: important attributes when ordering non-alcoholic beverages – net – any rank, 2023
    • Trendy definitions of health could be limiting NA beverage menus
    • Graph 18: important attributes when ordering non-alcoholic beverages – any rank, by generation, 2023
    • The most adventurous consumers are also the most demanding
    • Graph 19: important attributes when ordering non-alcoholic beverages – any rank, by area, 2023
    • NA beverage ordering behaviors
    • CSDs may be the obvious choice, but they're not the exciting one
    • Graph 20: non-alcoholic beverage ordering behaviors, 2023
    • The latest NA beverage offering must seem worth the risk
    • Graph 21: non-alcoholic beverage ordering behaviors, by financial situation, 2024
    • Novelty alone will not sway suburban, rural diners
    • Graph 22: non-alcoholic beverage ordering attitudes, by area, 2023
    • NA beverage innovation can emerge from familiar, nostalgic elements
    • Graph 23: non-alcoholic beverage ordering attitudes, by generation, 2023
    • NA beverage attitudes
    • Just a "little treat": non-alcoholic beverages are welcome in moderation
    • Graph 24: non-alcoholic beverage ordering attitudes, 2023
    • Personalization makes the NA beverage special
    • Graph 25: non-alcoholic beverage ordering attitudes, 2023
    • Clear information awards consumers the control they seek
    • Graph 26: non-alcoholic beverage ordering attitudes – select items, by annual household income, 2023
    • Support older consumers in making healthy choices
    • Graph 27: non-alcoholic beverage ordering attitudes – select items, by annual household income, 2023
  4. Innovation and Marketing Trends

    • Launch activity and innovation
    • Menu activity: limited-time offers at LSRs
    • Menu activity: energy drinks take shape as a craft beverage in foodservice
    • Menu activity: fruit-packed smoothie LTOs
    • Marketing and advertising
    • The power of a signature drink: how Taco Bell is leaning into the Baja Blast cult following
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are tasked with more than just hydration
    • Opportunities
    • Take a page from coffee's Happy Hour playbook
    • Next in non-alcoholic beverages: popping boba
    • Bursting boba grows on US menus
    • Graph 28: menu incidence of bursting boba, Q3 2022-Q3 2023
    • Next in non-alcoholic beverages: dirty soda
    • "Beverages are snacks," younger consumers declare
    • Graph 29: foodservice snacking behaviors – select indicators, by generation, 2023
  5. Appendix

    • Consumer research methodology
    • Generations
    • Abbreviations and terms

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