US Salon and Spa Services Retailing Market Report 2021
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“The pandemic caused an immediate disruption to salons and spas and caused a change in consumers’ needs and routines within the category. This change in needs and behavior will continue…

US Salon and Spa Services Retailing Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information and analysis of the US Salon & Spa Services Retailing market including the behaviors, preferences, and habits of the consumer.

The pandemic disrupted how, where and when consumers receive salon and spa services. The impacts of the crisis will be long-lasting, as some consumers have grown more comfortable doing things on their own or have realized they don’t need as many services. Future growth will have to include a new approach to how and where services are conducted, including virtual consultations, at-home visits, and implementing social commerce capabilities and spa retail sales strategies. Further, emphasizing wellbeing and self-care and offering flexible pricing options will help motivate consumers to continue to seek services.

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Quickly understand

  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior and the salon and spa services market.
  • Accelerated focus on value-seeking behavior and price sensitivity.
  • Evolving beauty trends stemming from the pandemic.
  • How social media content influences discovery and streamlines the path to purchase.

Covered in this report

Brands include: Olive & June, Chillhouse, Base Salon, Klarna, Afterpay, Fox & Jane, Massage Envy, Supercuts, Amazon, Spitalfields London, Chris Lane Salon, Venmo.

Services include: lash extensions, teeth whitening, manicures, hair color, haircut, nail care, hair styling, hair coloring, hair removal, facial, makeup application, teeth whitening, massage, anti-aging.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

This report, written by Alexis DeSalva Kahler, a leading analyst in the Retail and eCommerce sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

The pandemic caused an immediate disruption to salons and spas and caused a change in consumers’ needs and routines within the category. This change in needs and behavior will continue moving forward as some consumers have grown more comfortable doing things on their own or receiving fewer treatments. To maintain interest and engagement, salons and spas can explore ways to evolve and extend their offerings, including utilizing virtual consultations, branded products, at-home visits and social content as ways to better meet consumers’ needs. Further, embracing messages of self-care and offering flexible pricing will make services more accessible and help motivate consumers to indulge in affordable luxury.
Alexis DeSalva Kahler, Senior Analyst, Retail and eCommerce
Alexis DeSalva Kahler

Senior Analyst, Retail and eCommerce

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definition
          • COVID-19: US context
            • Economic and other assumptions
            • Executive Summary

                • Top takeaways
                  • The pandemic disrupted growth and changed how consumers seek services
                    • Figure 1: Total US retail sales and forecast of salon and spa services, at current prices, 2015-19
                    • Figure 2: Destinations for service – 2018 vs 2020
                  • Impact of COVID-19 on salon and spa services
                    • Figure 3: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on salon and spa services, April 2021
                  • Opportunities and challenges
                    • Consumers are shifting out of the salon and growing more comfortable at home
                      • Use social content to engage with consumers from their home
                        • Re-think approach to pricing to offer flexible and affordable luxury
                          • Focus on importance of wellbeing and self-care to encourage engagement
                            • Increase the focus on sustainability to better appeal to consumers
                            • The Market – Key Takeaways

                              • The pandemic challenged how consumers seek services
                                • Unemployment and low confidence result in price-sensitivity
                                • Market Size

                                  • The pandemic disrupted growth and changed how consumers seek services
                                    • Figure 4: Total US retail sales and forecast of salon and spa services, at current prices, 2015-19
                                    • Figure 5: Destinations for service – July 2018 vs March 2021
                                  • Impact of COVID-19 on salon and spa services
                                    • Learnings from the Great Recession
                                    • Market Factors

                                      • Health and safety protocols enforced during lockdown have long-lasting effects on how consumers seek services
                                        • Consumers are re-evaluating their spending amidst high unemployment and low confidence
                                          • Figure 6: Consumer confidence and unemployment, 2000-March 2021
                                        • Lifestyle changes created emerging interests among younger generations
                                          • Technology will play an increasingly important role in consumers’ omni-channel lives
                                            • Sustainability is a growing concern that must be acknowledged
                                            • Companies and Brands – Key Takeaways

                                              • Digital options can help maintain engagement in and out of the salon/spa
                                                • Salons and spas re-think their messaging and use DIY kits to connect with consumers
                                                • Market Opportunities

                                                  • Evolve social media to provide on-demand, shoppable content
                                                    • Figure 7: Base Salon Chicago beach waves how-to video, April 2020
                                                  • Bring the salon to consumers’ homes via tech and at-home kits
                                                    • Figure 8: Olive & June salon-at-home manicure kits, March 2021
                                                  • Offer flexible payment options to protect visit frequency
                                                    • Implement sustainable options to appeal to conscious consumers
                                                      • Figure 9: Fox & Jane Salon clean products, April 2021
                                                    • Encourage self-care and embrace the functional wellness benefits
                                                      • Figure 10: Chillhouse self-care Sunday, February 2021
                                                  • Shifts in Advertising Approach

                                                    • Businesses shift the narrative amidst the pandemic
                                                      • Figure 11: Monthly digital marketing and paid social spending, select salon & spa companies, January 2019-April 2021
                                                  • Competitive Strategies

                                                    • L.A.-based nail salon promotes DIY kits to fuel at-home growth during the pandemic
                                                      • Figure 12: Olive & June educates followers on at-home nails via IGTV, January 2021
                                                    • Salons share customer feedback to promote safety protocols
                                                      • Figure 13: Fox & Jane salon customer review, January 2021
                                                    • Prioritizing self-care and wellness to encourage visits
                                                      • Figure 14: Chillhouse self-care motivation, March and April 2021
                                                    • Amazon puts tech at the focus of its in-person salon
                                                      • Figure 15: Amazon launches UK-based hair salon
                                                  • The Consumer – Key Takeaways

                                                    • Consumers are shifting out of salons/spas and turning to DIY
                                                      • The pandemic caused a shift in priorities and decreased frequency
                                                        • Consumers prefer flexibility, quality and more options to receive services
                                                          • Peers and social media are influential for discovery
                                                            • Consumers are willing to spend on affordable luxury
                                                            • Destinations

                                                              • Analyst perspective: the future of the market includes an omnichannel approach
                                                                • Professional service is highly sought, but DIY is on the rise
                                                                    • Figure 16: Destinations – NET, March 2021
                                                                  • Younger consumers are exploring all options
                                                                    • Figure 17: Destinations – NET, by age, March 2021
                                                                  • Multicultural consumers are seeking at-home service
                                                                    • Figure 18: Destinations – NET, by race and Hispanic origin, March 2021
                                                                • Types and Frequencies of Services

                                                                  • Analyst perspective: embracing self-care will keep consumers engaged
                                                                    • Haircare remains a top priority, but the pandemic continues to disrupt service
                                                                      • Figure 19: Types of services – NET, March 2021
                                                                      • Figure 20: Frequency of services, March 2021
                                                                    • Women are de-prioritizing haircuts in favor of other services
                                                                      • Figure 21: Types and frequencies of services, by gender, March 2021
                                                                    • Pandemic fatigue motivates younger generations to try additional services
                                                                      • Figure 22: Types of services, by generation, March 2021
                                                                    • Black consumers engage in head-to-toe treatments
                                                                      • Figure 23: Types of services, by race, March 2021
                                                                      • Figure 24: Frequency of select services, by race, March 2021
                                                                  • Changes Because of COVID-19

                                                                    • Analyst perspective: flexibility and added reassurances will help salons combat the pandemic’s longer-term impact
                                                                      • The pandemic has caused longer-lasting impact to how consumers seek and receive services
                                                                        • Figure 25: Changes because of COVID-19, March 2021
                                                                      • Parents are replacing services with products
                                                                        • Figure 26: Changes because of COVID-19, by parental status, March 2021
                                                                        • Figure 27: Chris Lane Salon highlights childcare services, April 2021
                                                                      • Potential risk of losing Black consumers
                                                                        • Figure 28: Changes because of COVID-19, by race, March 2021
                                                                    • Preferences for Receiving Services

                                                                      • Analyst perspective: flexibility, sustainability and new experiences will encourage salon visits
                                                                        • Preferences for service: safety in familiarity
                                                                          • Figure 29: Preferences for service, by gender and age, March 2021
                                                                        • Preferences for sustainability: increasing focus on eco-friendly offerings
                                                                            • Figure 30: Preferences for sustainability, by gender and age, March 2021
                                                                          • Preferences for price: consumers see similar value in affordability and quality
                                                                            • Figure 31: Preferences for price, by select demographics, March 2021
                                                                          • Preferences for purchasing: most prefer to prioritize the service and purchase products later
                                                                            • Figure 32: Preferences for purchasing, by gender and age, March 2021
                                                                        • Sources of Influence

                                                                          • Analyst perspective: social media will continue to be an influential resource
                                                                            • The influence of others has the most reach
                                                                              • Figure 33: Sources of influence – NET, March 2021
                                                                            • Women turn to familiar sources
                                                                              • Figure 34: Sources of influence – NET, by gender, March 2021
                                                                              • Figure 35: Fox & Jane Salon “before and after” post, February 2020
                                                                            • Social media preferences vary by generation
                                                                              • Figure 36: Sources of influence – NET, by generation, March 2021
                                                                          • Price Sensitivity

                                                                            • Analyst perspective: price sensitivity may pose a bigger threat as consumers grow comfortable with in-home treatment
                                                                              • Consumers willing to spend more on specialized services they receive less often
                                                                                • Figure 37: Price sensitivity – Select services, March 2021
                                                                              • Most women are willing to spend on nail services (to an extent)
                                                                                • Figure 38: Price sensitivity – Nail service, by gender and age, March 2021
                                                                              • Hispanic consumers are value-seekers
                                                                                • Figure 39: Price sensitivity, by Hispanic origin, March 2021
                                                                            • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                              • Data sources
                                                                                • Sales data
                                                                                  • Consumer survey data
                                                                                    • Consumer qualitative research
                                                                                      • Mintel Trend Drivers
                                                                                        • Abbreviations and terms
                                                                                          • Abbreviations
                                                                                          • Appendix – The Consumer

                                                                                              • Figure 40: Types of services by destinations, March 2021

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