US Snacking Motivations and Attitudes Market Report 2024
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Current snacking behavior represents a cultural shift. Brands are tasked with balancing comfort and newness, and satisfying both emotional and physical needs. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research -…

US Snacking Motivations and Attitudes Market Report 2024

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Gain fresh insights into what motivates consumers to snack in the US. Mintel covers the latest consumer snacking trends and associated competitive strategies with this in-depth report, including a five year outlook to plan your future success. See below for the key topics covered and handpicked analysis from the full report.

Key Topics Covered

  • Consumer snacking frequency.
  • Changes in snacking behavior and the reasons for changes.
  • Snack types consumed in the past three months.
  • Snack occasions and dayparts.
  • Important snack attributes.
  • Attitudes about snacking.

US Consumer Snacking Overview

Americans are engaged in a snacking boom. As food culture shifts toward snacks, many are snacking on par with “regular” meals. With the sheer number of snacks available, over half want snacks to be something they know they like. Though, similarity with existing snacks doesn’t need to be exact, as small changes prove to win over consumers. Overall, with consumers snacking more, there are plenty of opportunities for all categories to win and even new entrants.

Consumer Snacking Trends

  • Over half of consumers are snacking just as much as eating meals. This gives snack foods as much relevance to diet, routine, and meal planning as any other food purchase.
  • Gen Z and Millennials are snacking the most. Millennials are snacking at a slightly higher rate, likely due to their foray into parenting and the need for on-the-go food options.
  • Consumers overall vaguely want “good for them” snacks. However, simple better-for-you (BFY) claims aren’t cutting it in the US West. Brands must prove their claims on the label.
  • Despite heavy snacking, younger consumers are surprisingly ambivalent. This may indicate that they aren’t thinking too deeply about snacks, allowing brands to jump in with messaging around why snack choices matter.

For a comprehensive analysis of consumer snacking trends in the US, buy the full report. You may also be interested to browse our other snack market research.

Products and Brands Covered in this Report

Products: Snacks include (but are not limited to) both salty and sweet CPG products, fresh snacks like yogurt and cheese, and produce.

Brands: The competitive landscape is discussed with reference to specific brands and innovation, marketing, and advertising efforts. Brands include Kroger, Sargento, Member’s Mark, Welch’s, Jack Links, Fruit Riot, and more.

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Expert Analysis

Leading food and drink analyst Michele Scott delivers expert industry insights with this in-depth report.

Current snacking behavior represents a cultural shift. Brands are tasked with balancing comfort and newness, and satisfying both emotional and physical needs.

Michele Scott, Associate Director of Mintel US Food and Drink
Michele Scott
Associate Director, US Research – Food and Drink

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Consumer trends: key takeaways
    • Market predictions
    • Opportunities
    • Cobranding trends are not slowing
    • Straightforward messaging cuts through the noise
    • Put produce front and center
  2. Profile of the snacking consumer

    • Scoot over, meals: snacks are here!
    • – Graph 1: snacking frequency, 2023
    • – Graph 2: snacking frequency, by gender, 2023
    • – Graph 3: Snacking frequency, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 4: snacking frequency, by region, 2023
    • – Graph 5: snacking frequency, by financial situation, 2023
  3. Changes in snacking frequency

    • – Graph 6: changes in snacking by snacking frequency, 2023
    • – Graph 7: changes in snacking, 2023
    • – Graph 8: changes in snacking, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 9: changes in snacking, by region, 2023
    • – Graph 10: changes in snacking, by financial situation, 2023
  4. Reasons for changes in snacking

    • – Graph 11: reasons for snacking more, 2023
    • – Graph 12: reasons for snacking more, by region, 2023
    • – Graph 13: reasons for snacking more, by snacking frequency, 2023
    • – Graph 14: reasons for snacking less, 2023
  5. Important snack attributes

    • Most consumers aren’t demanding entirely new snacks
    • – Graph 15: important snack attributes, 2023
    • Consumers in Western states are putting a finer point on nutrition
    • – Graph 16: important snack attributes, by generation, 2023
  6. Consumption of specific snacks

    • Indulgent and BFY create the perfect snack mix
    • – Graph 17: snacks eaten in the past three months, 2023
    • – Graph 18: snacks eaten in the past three months, by generation, 2023
    • Small tweaks, big payoff
    • High- and low-volume snackers share some consumption habits
    • – Graph 19: snack consumption by snacking frequency, 2023
  7. Reasons to snack

    • Satisfying snacks are craveable treats
    • – Graph 20: reasons for snacking, 2023
    • – Graph 21: reasons for snacking, by financial situation, 2023
    • – Graph 22: reasons for snacking, by generation, 2023
  8. Snack consumption habits

    • Salty and sweet have big range; fresher snacks shine with time
    • – Graph 23: snack consumption habits, 2023
    • – Graph 24: sweet snack consumption habits, by generation 2023
    • – Graph 25: salty snack consumption habits, by generation 2023
    • Gen Zs are developing BFY morning habits alongside a little indulgence
    • – Graph 26: salty snack consumption habits, by financial situation, 2023
    • – Graph 27: sweet snack consumption habits, by financial situation, 2023
    • Struggling consumers need to get more out of their snacks
  9. Attitudes about snacking

    • Moderation wins attitudes, not behaviors
    • – Graph 28: attitudes about snacking, 2023
    • – Graph 29: agreement that a few snacks paired together can be more satisfying than a traditional meal, by generation,
    • Salty vs sweet: spotlight on Millennials
    • – Graph 30: salty vs sweet snack attitudes, by region, 2023
    • Midwesterners go for ‘old faithful’ snacks

    • Mintel Flavourscape AI explores the future of flavour and flavour combinations using data science
    • Keep it fresh; consider the brand(s)
    • Fruity, gummy and delicious in all its iterations
    • Chamoy crosses the border into US snacks
    • Kind of a big dill
  11. Launch activity and innovation

    • Keep fruit fresh, experientially
    • Ready for the remix to drop
    • Portable portioning offers easy protein
  12. Marketing and advertising

    • Not healthy? No question, no problem
    • Opopop puts the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’
    • Pop culture moments are fleeting, but work for socials
    • Carnivore snax doesn’t mince words
  13. Opportunities

    • Bring fruit and veg out of the produce aisle and into snacks (and vice-versa!)

    • Made Good has far reach, with specific claims that underwrite the whole portfolio
    • Make new snacks, but keep the brands
    • Cobranding is hot, hot, hot
    • Girl Scouts brings nostalgia into indulgent and BFY snack options
  14. Market context

    • Rise in snacking tide raises all categories
  15. Market drivers

    • Snacking attitudes and behaviors are at odds
    • – Graph 31: actions towards goals for the year, 2023

    • Market definition
    • Consumer research methodology
    • Generations
    • Abbreviations and terms

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