US Student Lifestyles Market Report 2022
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“Students are in school to prepare themselves for the future. Therefore, brands that can provide educational guidance to consumers stand to forge lasting connections with them. Importantly, students are not…

US Student Lifestyles Market Report 2022

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Report Summary

“Students are in school to prepare themselves for the future. Therefore, brands that can provide educational guidance to consumers stand to forge lasting connections with them. Importantly, students are not just looking to increase their academic knowledge but are also hoping to learn the life skills that will help them succeed after they graduate. By partnering with schools, brands in sectors including mental health, physical health, finance, and food can all act as resources to students by offering educational content and acting as guides to help transition them into the next, more independent, phase of their lives.”
– Klaudia Kondakciu, Consumers and Cultures Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

  • The current living arrangements of college students and the impact on shopping priorities
  • How students define a successful college experience
  • Students’ confidence levels in performing life skills
  • School-based resources currently used by students and additional desired resources
  • Promotions most attractive to college students

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definitions
          • Market context: COVID-19
            • Economic and other assumptions
            • Executive Summary

                • Top takeaways
                  • Market overview
                    • Figure 1: Student lifestyles outlook, 2022-27
                  • Opportunities
                    • Schools and brands can partner to help women achieve their career goals
                      • Figure 2: Signs of a successful college experience by gender (any rank), 2021
                    • There’s plenty of room for finance brands to increase women’s financial confidence
                      • Figure 3: Confidence in ability to perform life skills – lack of confidence by gender, 2021
                    • Mental health and financial resources are in high demand
                      • Figure 4: Resources most desired by college students, 2021
                    • Challenges
                      • Brands must work harder to reach the large portion of college men living at home
                        • Figure 5: Current residence of college students – Parents’ home by gender, 2022
                      • Appealing to students means cost comes first
                        • Figure 6: Interest in promotion types, 2021
                      • Key consumer insights
                        • COVID-19 has changed student attitudes
                          • Students believe degree completion is the top sign of a successful college experience
                            • When it comes to life skills, students need a confidence boost
                              • Students are seeking more mental health resources
                                • Students pay attention to brands that partner with their schools
                                • Market Factors and Current Opportunities

                                  • College enrollment has dropped but the population is still significant
                                    • Figure 7: College students, by race, 2010-20
                                    • Figure 8: College students, by Hispanic origin, 2020
                                  • Women continue to outnumber men in educational attainment
                                    • Figure 9: Educational attainment of women and men aged 18 or older, by age, 2020
                                    • Figure 10: melissaintech Instagram post, 2021
                                  • COVID-19 continues to impact colleges and students
                                    • Enrollment has already been dropping and the pandemic fast-forwarded this trend
                                      • Figure 11: Udemy Instagram post, 2021
                                    • The traditional college experience has also been altered by the pandemic
                                      • Adding extra engagement to online learning: spotlight on FlipGrid
                                        • Figure 12: Students: Getting Started with Flipgrid, 2021
                                      • Students will be more likely to feel the impact of rising prices
                                        • Figure 13: Consumer Price Index change from previous period, 2007-21
                                      • Beyond offering low prices, brands can teach students how to save
                                        • Keeping the focus on savings: spotlight on UNiDAYS
                                          • Figure 14: UNiDAYS Instagram post, 2022
                                      • Student Lifestyles: Fast Facts

                                        • Getting to Know College Students

                                          • The majority of college students are not living at home
                                            • Figure 15: Current residence of college students, 2022
                                          • Exploring unexpected partnerships to combine convenience with low price: spotlight on McDonald’s Brasil and Riacheulo
                                            • Figure 16: McDonald’s Brasil YouTube post, 2021
                                          • College men are more likely to live at home
                                            • Figure 17: Current residence of college students – Parents’ home by gender, 2022
                                          • Meeting college men where they’re at
                                            • Tapping into the educational side of TikTok: Spotlight on Rao’s Homemade
                                              • Figure 18: scheckseats Instagram post, 2022
                                            • COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on students
                                              • Figure 19: Student attitude changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021
                                            • Backing up a call to action: spotlight on Nike
                                              • Figure 20: For once, Don’t Do It | Nike, 2020
                                            • Gender issues are more in focus for college men since the pandemic
                                              • Figure 21: Student attitude changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by gender, 2021
                                            • Challenging gender norms will garner their attention
                                              • Figure 22: UN/DN LAQR Instagram post, 2021
                                            • Showing men what equality looks like: spotlight on Dove+Care
                                              • Figure 23: Dove Men+Care Global Channel Instagram post, 2021
                                          • Measures of Success

                                            • Students are seeking a more well-rounded education that covers topics that go beyond academics
                                              • Figure 24: Signs of a successful college experience (any rank), 2021
                                            • Focusing on the outcome: spotlight on Seneca College
                                              • Figure 25: Seneca | Now is your time (:60), 2020
                                            • Signs of a successful college experience vary by gender
                                              • Figure 26: Signs of a successful college experience by gender (any rank), 2021
                                            • Challenging traditional gender association with job sectors will resonate
                                              • Preparing young women for career success: spotlight on Kode with Klossy
                                                • Figure 27: KodeWithKlossy Instagram post, 2021
                                            • Confidence in Life Skills

                                              • The door is open for brands to provide educational resources for college students
                                                • Figure 28: Confidence in ability to perform life skills, 2021
                                              • Finance institutions are particularly well positioned to guide students
                                                • Communicating both benefits and risks for a well-rounded education: spotlight on Robinhood
                                                  • Figure 29: Robinhood Instagram post, 2022
                                                • College women need more support in learning about financial management
                                                  • Figure 30: Confidence in ability to perform life skills – Lack of confidence by gender, 2021
                                                • Brands stand to gain by helping boost women’s financial confidence
                                                  • Building confidence to close the gender money gap: spotlight on Ellevest
                                                    • Figure 31: Ellevest Instagram post, 2022
                                                • Resources Used and Desired

                                                  • Brands can play a role in supporting the use of school resources
                                                    • Figure 32: School-based resourced currently used or planned to be used, 2021
                                                  • Partnerships between brands and schools could also be extremely valuable to students
                                                    • Partnering with schools to improve resources: spotlight on Realworld
                                                      • Figure 33: Realworld Instagram post, 2022
                                                    • A greater focus on mental health is irrefutable
                                                      • Figure 34: College student current or planed usage of mental health services provided by school vs desired, 2021
                                                    • Turning daily stressors into a time for mindfulness: spotlight on Wholefoods and Headspace
                                                      • Figure 35: Whole Foods Market Instagram post, 2021
                                                    • Stepping up when more serious help is needed: spotlight on West Virginia University and Talkspace
                                                      • Figure 36: WVU Carruth Instagram post, 2022
                                                    • Combine mental health with finance to address students’ biggest concerns
                                                      • Figure 37: Resources most desired by college students, 2021
                                                    • Reaching goals by balancing mental and financial health: spotlight on Mint
                                                      • Figure 38: Mint Instagram posts, 2022
                                                  • Appealing to College Students

                                                    • Unsurprisingly, college students are attracted to savings
                                                      • Figure 39: Interest in promotion types, 2021
                                                    • Consider rethinking traditional loyalty programs to connect with students
                                                      • Figure 40: Lush Cosmetics Pinterest post, 2018
                                                    • Partnering up to provide greater savings: spotlight on StudentUniverse and Amazon Prime Student
                                                      • Figure 41: StudentUniverse Instagram post, 2021
                                                    • Treat college men like trendsetters
                                                      • Figure 42: Interest in promotion types – Rewards for social media interaction by gender, 2021
                                                    • Combining these rewards with real-world lessons will resonate
                                                      • Offering rewards for levelling up life skills: spotlight on Total Produce Nordic
                                                        • Figure 43: Kostministeriet Facebook posts, 2020
                                                      • Students have favorable views towards brand collaborations with their schools
                                                        • Figure 44: Student attitudes towards brand partnerships with schools, 2021
                                                      • Brand collaborations that lean into educational experiences will resonate
                                                        • Sponsoring educational experiences: spotlight on Yum! Brands
                                                          • Figure 45: Yum! Brands Facebook post, 2022
                                                      • Future Opportunities and Strategies

                                                          • Meeting the needs of students through the lens of the Identity Trend Driver
                                                            • Product design can help students express their personal identities
                                                              • Bringing communities together: spotlight on Under Armour
                                                                • Figure 46: Under Armour Instagram post, 2021
                                                              • Meeting the needs of students through the lens of the Wellbeing Trend Driver
                                                                • Functional ingredients are key as the focus on mental health increases
                                                                  • Highlighting the benefits of functional ingredients for students: spotlight on Mindright
                                                                    • Figure 47: Mindright Instagram posts, 2022
                                                                  • Meeting the needs of students through the lens of the Experiences Trend Driver
                                                                    • Virtual experiences can foster real-life connections
                                                                      • Merging virtual experiences with real-world interactions: spotlight on SMARTY
                                                                        • Figure 48: SMARTY Facebook post, 2021
                                                                    • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                      • Data sources
                                                                        • Consumer survey data
                                                                          • Consumer qualitative research
                                                                            • Direct marketing creative
                                                                              • Abbreviations and terms

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