US Suncare and Skin Protection Market Report 2024
Consumer engagement with the category beyond functional need expands usage occasions and resonant claims. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care…

US Suncare and Skin Protection Market Report 2024

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Stay ahead of the curve and secure future growth for your business with Mintel’s US Suncare and Skin Protection Market Report 2024. Our full report is packed with consumer-led market intelligence and analysis of the latest industry trends affecting the sun protection products market. Get a 360° view of the suncare industry including consumer insights, market dynamics and a five-year market forecast.

Key Issues Covered in this Report

  • Market trends within the US suncare and skin protection market.
  • Key challenges and opportunities for suncare and skin protection stakeholders.
  • Consumer engagement with suncare and skin protection products.
  • Attitudes and behaviors toward suncare and skin protection.
  • Consumer shopping channels and resources for suncare and skin protection.

US Suncare Market – Current Landscape

As a whole, US consumers are using more sun care and skin protection, with 44% of consumers saying they applied skin protection more than they did a year ago. Over three-quarters of consumers wear some form of skin protection and the majority of these consumers wear protection year-round, thanks primarily to the convenience of SPF-enhanced BPC products. 

  • US suncare and skin protection market size: The market increased by an estimated 7.4% in 2023.

US Suncare and Skin Protection Products – Opportunities for Growth

Product texture is important to 39% of Gen Z Consumers, only one percentage point behind the level of sun protection. On the whole, Gen Z consumers’ purchase considerations lean notably towards sensation and beautification. As Gen Z’s spending power increases it is vital that brands appeal to younger users not only as sun protection, but also as functional beauty products that are enjoyable to use.

Over three-quarters of sunscreen users would pay more for sunscreen with facial skincare ingredients or benefits. Highlighting that sunscreen has a ready audience for prestige offerings. Brands should premiumise their products through familiar skincare ingredients and benefits.

Purchase Mintel’s full report for a full analysis of the US sun care products market, including more recommendations for growth opportunities from our expert analyst. Readers of this report may also be interested in Mintel’s A Year of Innovation in Suncare.

More About this Report

For the purposes of this report, Mintel has included the following segments in the suncare and skin protection products category: sunscreen, sunless tanners, suntan lotion and oil (includes lotions/oils for indoor tanning beds).

This report contains market share and sales for leading brands, including Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Aveeno, Sun Bum, and more.

Expert Analysis from a BPC Industry Specialist

This report, written by Joan Li, a leading BPC analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends in the US sun care products market and add expert context to the numbers.

Consumer engagement with the category beyond functional need expands usage occasions and resonant claims.

Joan Li, Senior Beauty and Personal Care AnalystJoan Li
Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Consumer trends: key takeaways
    • Market predictions
    • You saw it here first…
    • Competitive strategies & opportunities
  2. The Market

    • Market context
    • Market drivers
    • Vacations and heat fuel demand
    • Graph 1: select appealing luxury destinations, by highest appeal, 2022
    • Environmental interests stagnate, hindered by confusion around ingredients and recalls
    • The great debate: mineral vs chemical
    • Foreign sunscreens opens doors for greater enthusiasm and fluency
    • Market size and forecast
    • Total retail sales and forecast of market, at current prices, 2018-28
    • Total retail sales and forecast of market, at inflation-adjusted prices, 2018-28
    • Market share/brand share
    • Sales of suncare and skin protection, by leading companies and brands
    • Leading brands tap into skincare, texture, and mineral sunscreen trends
    • Small brand growth indicates a crowding category
  3. Competitive Strategies and Opportunities

    • Quiet luxury: transform skin protection into status items in beauty routines…
    • Make it easier on consumers to commit to good protection habits
    • Facilitate re-application experiences to boost sun protection
    • Sensitized skin becomes a driving force in preference
  4. Consumer Insights

    • Consumer fast facts
    • Sunscreen and skin protection usage
    • Overall usage remains roughly stable
    • Graph 2: net usage of suncare and skin protection products, 2022 vs 2023
    • Sun-protection-fortified BPC drives year-round use
    • Graph 3: sunscreen and skin protection usage frequency, 2023
    • Call out protection from environmental aggressors as a growing, recognizable claim
    • Connect skin protection to rising interest in bodycare
    • Bring men up to daily SPF application
    • Graph 4: daily use of select sun protection products, men vs women, 2023
    • Changes to skin protection routines
    • Increased interest and engagement, driven by younger audiences
    • Graph 5: frequency of application compared to last year, 2023
    • Better options in formats and ingredients help drive higher use
    • Graph 6: reasons for applying skin protection more often compared to a year ago, 2023
    • Age-related protection motivates Millennials & beyond
    • Graph 7: consumers motivated by signs of aging, by generation, 2023
    • Age-defense spotlight: pavise
    • Lagging engagement among older consumers may run deeper than education
    • Graph 8: reasons for applying skin protection the same as or less than last year, 2023
    • Benefits sought in sunscreen
    • Amid new benefits, sun protection is still bottom-line
    • Graph 9: purchase drivers, ranked, 2023
    • Sensation and beauty become non-negotiable for younger users
    • Graph 10: top purchase drivers among Gen Z vs all consumers, any rank, 2023
    • Ingredient callouts create distinction for premium buyers
    • Graph 11: select purchase drivers, by mass or premium shopping, 2023
    • Ingredient forecast: tocopherol for antioxidant protection
    • Ingredient forecast: zinc oxide and anti-irritants for sensitive skin
    • Ingredient forecast: microbiome-driven protection
    • Attitudes and behaviors towards sunscreen
    • Premiumize through skincare ingredients and benefits
    • As with skincare, natural claims are desirable
    • Traditional sunscreen maintains its edge in trust and recognition
    • Graph 12: trust in traditional sunscreen over new personal care with SPF, by generation, 2023
    • Provide clarity on the difference between mineral and chemical
    • The promises of mineral resonate with consumers of color, but might not deliver on all fronts
    • Graph 13: select sunscreen attitudes, by race, 2023
    • Formula forecast: hybrid could deliver the best of both worlds
    • Tanning routines
    • Self-tanning remains small but mighty
    • Graph 14: usage of self-tanning products, 2023 vs 2024
    • Consider tapping into quiet luxury, with focus on skin health
    • Graph 15: use of any self-tanning products, by race, 2023
    • Compatibility with prevalent benefits and routines can draw skin-health-conscious consumers
    • Get ahead of greater ingredient scrutiny
    • Shopping for suncare
    • Professional approval drives distinction in a competitive environment
    • Specialty shopping points toward a solid prestige and indie market
    • Graph 16: purchase channels for suncare products, by type of suncare, 2023
    • Tap into social to promote trial in a trending category
    • Graph 17: select trial and interest attitudes toward new suncare, by age, 2023
    • Opportunity: link sharable, visual education to sunscreen education
  5. Appendix

    • Market definition
    • Consumer research methodology
    • Generations
    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Forecast
    • Forecast fan chart
    • Bases: use of select suncare products

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