US Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Market Report 2023
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Self-empowerment underpins VMS, from use to discovery. Brands can enhance empowerment perceptions via education and offerings that expand sense of personal choice. Adriana Chychula, Analyst - Food, Drink &…

US Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Market Report 2023

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This report explores the vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) market in the US, including a five year forecast to help you plan your future success. Complete market and consumer analysis shines new light on this challenging industry, and how brands can strategise going forward. Below, we provide the report scope and key topics covered, and offer select insights from the full report.

Report Scope

This Report focuses on consumer behaviors when using and purchasing vitamins, minerals and supplements. The Report includes nonprescription, over-the-counter VMS in all formats including liquid, tablet, gummy, or chewables. The market has been divided into the following segments:

  • Vitamins including multivitamins (products that contain a combination of vitamins in one), and one- and two-letter vitamins (products that contain only one or two specific letter vitamins such as vitamin C tablets).
  • Minerals such as supplements based on mineral ingredients (eg calcium, iron).
  • Dietary supplements such as CoQ-10, glucosamine and chondroitin products and other specific supplements; targeted supplement combinations, such as women’s health or joint health formulations; and herbs/botanicals, such as echinacea and St. John’s wort.

Key Topics Covered

  • VMS market size, share, segmentation, and drivers.
  • Competitive strategies and market opportunities.
  • Consumer VMS use, changes, and format preferences.
  • VMS targets and barriers to use.
  • VMS discovery strategies and attitudes.

US VMS Market Share

Private label gained 0.7% market share between 2022-23, while total VMS market sales dipped amid major player losses. The shift here may signal wavering brand loyalty among consumers. Meanwhile, Nestlé remains in the lead, with gains attributed to lines such as “Vital Proteins”.

VMS Consumer Statistics

  • VMS products have a wide reach: Only 13% of consumers do not currently use at least one type of vitamin, mineral, or supplement product.
  • Half of VMS consumers stick to one or two products: Of these consumers, Mintel’s 2023 consumer data reveals their usage has stayed the same over the past year.
  • Gen Z VMS use is less, overall: This makes sense, as younger consumers have fewer acute wellness catalysts for behavior change—see the opportunity below to explore further.

Opportunity for VMS Brands

Compared to other generations, Gen Z present their challenges to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a general lack of motivation, and not knowing what steps to take. Effective communication with this generation may therefore come in the form of simple, actionable terms that make adoption less intimidating, centering on their interests.

Opportunities for VMS brands are explored throughout this report. For a global perspective on the VMS market, browse our Future of VMS, or Innovation in VMS reports.

Brands Discussed

Various brands are analysed within the scope of the report. Launch activity and innovation covers specific brands, for example, Caliray’s “Get Lit” Beauty Boosting Supplement, speaking to digital natives, Navitas Organics’ Superfood+ Marine Minerals Organic Sea Veggie Blend tapping into under-utilised ingredients, and much more.

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Expert Analysis

Leading food, drink, and nutrition analyst Adriana Chychula delivers expert insight into the US VMS industry with this report.

Self-empowerment underpins VMS, from use to discovery. Brands can enhance empowerment perceptions via education and offerings that expand sense of personal choice.

Adriana Chychula, Food, Drink, and Nutrition Analyst

Adriana Chychula
Analyst, Food, Drink & Nutrition

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Consumer trends: key takeaways
    • VMS category outlook
    • Opportunities
  2. Vitamin, mineral & supplement consumption

    • – Graph 1: VMS use in the last 12 months, 2022-23
    • – Graph 2: VMS use repertoire, 2023
    • – Graph 3: VMS use in last 12 months, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 4: VMS use in the last 12 months, by parental status and gender, 2023
  3. Targets for vitamin, mineral & supplement use

    • – Graph 5: targets for VMS use, 2023
    • – Graph 6: targets for VMS use, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 7: targets for VMS use, by parental status and gender, 2023~
  4. Barriers to vitamin, mineral & supplement use

    • – Graph 8: barriers to VMS use, 2023
  5. Changes in vitamin, mineral & supplement use

    • – Graph 9: changes in VMS use, 2023
    • – Graph 10: changes in VMS use, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 11: changes in VMS use, by parental status and gender, 2023
  6. Vitamin, mineral & supplement formats preferred

    • Graph 12: VMS formats preferred, 2023
    • – Graph 13: VMS formats preferred, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 14: VMS formats preferred, by parental status and gender, 2023
  7. Vitamin, mineral & supplement discovery

    • – Graph 15: VMS discovery channels, 2023
    • – Graph 16: VMS discovery, by generation, 2023
    • – Graph 17: VMS discovery, by parental status and gender, 2023
  8. Attitudes toward vitamins, minerals & supplements

    • – Graph 18: interest in VMS options to support mental wellbeing, 2023
    • Immediate needs come first
    • Position mental healthcare as proactive self-care across ages
    • – Graph 19: attitudes toward VMS, 2023
    • – Graph 20: attitudes toward VMS, by parental status and gender, 2023
  9. Launch activity & innovation

    • Brands pair “look good, feel good” messaging with matching aesthetics
    • It’s all in the delivery: liposomal vitamin C encapsulates the idea of “better” nutrition
    • Format innovations leave the “how” up to the consumer
  10. Opportunities

    • Tap into under-utilized, “nature”-aligned ingredients
    • Make deeper connections to reinforce value
    • Nutrient synergy: stronger together
    • Use science to holistically bundle mental and physical health
    • “Better for Us” approach connects consumer wellness to the planet
  11. The Market

    • Market Context
  12. Market Drivers

    • Calls to improve guardrails, decrease grey area in VMS landscape
    • Case study: berberine, “nature’s Ozempic”
  13. Market size and forecast

    • Retail sales and forecast of VMS
  14. Market segmentation

    • Retail sales of VMS, by segment
    • Retail sales of VMS, by segment
    • Retail sales of VMS, by channel
    • Retail sales of VMS, by channe
  15. Market share/brand share

    • Private label snags market sliver amid mixed turnout
    • Private label snags market sliver amid mixed turnout
  16. Company/brand sales by segment

    • Dismal performances across board as vitamin market drops 5.5%
    • Nestlé, Pharmavite, Unilever among major mineral/supplement wins
  17. Appendix – The Consumer

    • Simplicity streamlines momentum
    • – Graph 21: changes in VMS use, by repertoire of VMS use, 2023
  18. Appendix – the market

    • Market size and forecast: inflation-adjusted prices
    • Market segments
    • Average household spending
  19. Appendix – data sources and abbreviations

    • Market definition
    • Consumer research methodology
    • Generations
    • Abbreviations
    • Forecast
    • Forecast fan chart

About the report

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