Brazil Wellness Lifestyle Market Report 2023
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"Wellbeing is an important topic for Brazilians, no longer restricted to one or another category but covering different areas of consumers’ lives. Therefore, brands and companies from different categories have…

Brazil Wellness Lifestyle Market Report 2023

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“Wellbeing is an important topic for Brazilians, no longer restricted to one or another category but covering different areas of consumers’ lives. Therefore, brands and companies from different categories have the opportunity to enter the wellness market, but to do so, they need to make themselves relevant, identifying which wellness territory really connects to their products’ purposes and understanding which product segments can help consumers in moments of stress. Additionally, it is essential to aid consumers to maintain long-term wellness habits, preferably via affordable options for these solutions.”

– Ana Paula Gilsogamo, Senior Analyst – Latam

This Report will look at the following areas:

  • How do Brazilians currently assess their wellbeing
  • What areas of life are Brazilians focused on to improve their wellbeing in 2023
  • Long-term habits to improve wellbeing and immediate actions to deal with stress
  • Main sources of stress and anxiety
  • Attitudes and habits toward wellbeing

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
  2. Executive Summary

    • Market overview
    • Analyst outlook
      • Figure 1: Analyst outlook for the wellness category, February 2023
    • Challenges
    • Unemployment declines and average income grows, but finances remains a concern
    • While discussing mental health is often still taboo, demand for services is urgent
    • Work environment should continue to be a focus on the wellbeing and mental health among young people
    • Brands can educate and help Boomers deal with scams and negative news cycles
    • Opportunities
    • Brands adapted to different profiles can help consumers maintain a physical exercise routine
    • Controlling small daily tasks can help Gen Zs deal with self-demand and maintain long-term habits
    • Affordable relaxing food and drink options can help classes C, D and E deal with stress
    • Brands can invest in audio resources to offer relaxing experiences and help consumers cope with stress
  3. Market Drivers

    • Unemployment declines and average income grows, but financial situations remain a concern
      • Figure 2: Types of wellness sought by Brazilians, 2023
    • Work has a great impact on Brazilians’ wellbeing
    • More than half of Brazilians live in food insecurity
    • COVID-19 has long-term impacts on physical and mental health
  4. Key Players

    • Companies and brands
    • Focusing on the self-care routine, the beauty category invests in the wellness market
      • Figure 3: Natura’s Self-Care Cards
      • Figure 4: Johnson & Johnson’s microseries
    • In addition to functional food and drink, sensory stimuli connect with wellbeing
      • Figure 5: Chock #SemCulpa TPM Alívio Chocolate – source of vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium
      • Figure 6: Nissin campaign
      • Figure 7: Bis – Stranger Things 4 special edition
    • Apps and online services launch campaigns focused on the safety of their users
      • Figure 8: Tinder campaign
    • Case Study
    • After 250% growth in the first half of 2022, Lubs wants to consolidate its hold on the sexual wellbeing category
      • Figure 9: Current participation in and future interest in an active, healthy sex life , 2023
      • Figure 10: Instagram post
      • Figure 11: Reflection Kit – Sex Journal + Scented Candle
  5. Wellness Self-evaluation and Wellness Lifestyle Definition

    • Mental health stands out as a wellness focus among black consumers
      • Figure 12: Interest in improving mental health this year, by self-identification of race/ethnicity, 2023
      • Figure 13: Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too
      • Figure 14: Therapy for Black Girls
    • Those who seek to improve the social and intellectual skills also have appearance as a focus
      • Figure 15: Wellness lifestyle definition – Selected item, by other focal areas, 2023
    • Those who rate their wellbeing as OK feel more uncomfortable talking about their mental health
      • Figure 16: Comfort with discussing mental health, by wellness lifestyle self-evaluation, 2023
      • Figure 17: Instagram/Psicotrópica
  6. Long-term Wellness Habits

    • Adapting to help consumers maintain a physical exercise routine
      • Figure 18: Long-term wellness habits – “I don’t currently do this, but I plan to in the future,” 2023
      • Figure 19: Nike Sync
    • Relaxing experiences outdoors and sleep quality can attract women who want to take a vacation from their busy routine
      • Figure 20: Long-term wellness habits – sleep and spending time outdoors, by gender, 2023
      • Figure 21: Day Break platform
    • Consumers who don’t live alone have greater difficulty maintaining a balanced diet
      • Figure 22: Long-term wellness habits – eating a healthy diet, by household size, 2023
      • Figure 23: Headspace Family Plan
  7. Consumers Anxieties

    • Work environment should remain a focus of mental health among young people
      • Figure 24: impact of work on anxiety, by age group, 2023
      • Figure 25: Deli Life
      • Figure 26: Oreo Thinvite campaign, 2022
      • Figure 27: Oreo Thins + Microsoft 365 partnership, 2022
    • Brands can help Baby Boomers deal with scams and news impact
      • Figure 28: Consumer anxiety generated by the news cycle or feeling unsafe, by generation, 2023
      • Figure 29: Itaú campaign against scams
  8. Immediate Wellness Actions

    • Brands can invest in audio resources to offer relaxing experiences and help consumers cope with stress
      • Figure 30: Immediate wellness actions, 2023
      • Figure 31: SmokeLess Break Beats
      • Figure 32: Calm campaign
    • Affordable options of relaxing food and drinks can help classes C, D and E deal with stress
      • Figure 33: Immediate wellness actions – Selected items, by socioeconomic group, 2023
      • Figure 34: Private label foods and beverages with sleep and relaxation claims
    • Innovations combine aromatherapy with physical exercise can target consumers who live alone
      • Figure 35: Interest in exercising and aromatherapy as wellness actions, by housing situation, 2023
      • Figure 36: Smells like Yoga
      • Figure 37: HIIT ME UP Energizing essential oils
      • Figure 38: Yoga mat sanitizing cleaner
    • Brands can help LGBTQ+ people adopt individual or collective rituals that help them connect with their spirituality
      • Figure 39: Practice of a spiritual ritual, by LGBTQ+ self-identification, 2023
      • Figure 40: Mastercard campaign, 2022
      • Figure 41: American Express campaign, 2022
  9. Attitudes and Habits

    • Newsletters can offer greater control, convenience and news curation for overwhelmed consumers
      • Figure 42: Attitudes and habits, 2023
      • Figure 43: Canal Meio website screenshot
    • Small daily tasks can help Gen Z create long-term habits
      • Figure 44: Attitudes and habits, by generation, 2023
      • Figure 45: Noom: Healthy Weight Loss App
      • Figure 46: Shimmy: Workouts for Charity App, 2023
      • Figure 47: Forest app
    • Frustration generated by the content of traditional social networks can motivate the search for new formats
      • Figure 48: Negative feelings resulting from following others on social media, by social networks accessed weekly, 2023
  10. Appendix – Abbreviations

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