China Western-style Casual Dining Market Report 2022
“COVID-19 continues to pose a major threat to the recovery of the Western-style casual dining market. Home delivery services and more flexible store types such as delivery-only windows are crucial…

China Western-style Casual Dining Market Report 2022

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“COVID-19 continues to pose a major threat to the recovery of the Western-style casual dining market. Home delivery services and more flexible store types such as delivery-only windows are crucial to enhance brands’ resilience when confronted with unpredictable lockdowns. Brands can go a step further by offering consumers a taste journey through more regional and signature cuisines. The transparency of communication of meals also needs to be improved to tap into consumers’ increasing demand of healthy eating trend.”
–    Rika Huang, Research Analyst

This Report discusses the following key topics:

•    COVID-19’s impact on the Western-style casual dining market
•    The new trend of Western-style casual dining store designs
•    Consumers’ dining preferences
•    Factors triggering consumers’ store visitation
•    Consumers’ interest in menu design
•    Consumers’ attitudes towards Western-style casual dining

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
  2. Executive Summary

    • The market
    • Sporadic outbreaks slow down market recovery
      • Figure 1: Total value sales of Western-style casual dining, 2019-2022
    • Indulgence and healthy eating are both in demand
    • Consumers seek taste journeys due to travel restrictions
    • The consumer
    • Dine-in consumption shifts to home delivery consumption
      • Figure 2: Consumption method change, 2022
    • Balance services and spaces for dine-in experience and home delivery efficiency during busy hours
      • Figure 3: Purchase behaviour, 2022
    • Unique flavour is equally important as brands’ IWOM and promotions in attracting new consumers
      • Figure 4: Visitation triggers, 2022
    • Taste and ingredients trigger consumers’ return purchase
      • Figure 5: Revisit factors, 2022
    • Make menu design more informative
      • Figure 6: Menu design, 2022
    • Diverse menus and flexible spaces are welcomed
      • Figure 7: Attitude towards Western-style casual dining, 2022
    • What we think
  3. Issues and Insights

    • Leverage home delivery services to tap into the thriving pet culture
    • Facts
    • The implications
      • Figure 8: Examples of pet-friendly marketing, China, 2021-22
      • Figure 9: Burger King Dogpper poster, US, 2018
      • Figure 10: Recommended dosage of Dogpper, Korean, 2021
    • Keep transparency in communication to assist consumers’ healthy eating habits
    • Facts
    • The implications
      • Figure 11: McDonald’s healthy-eating guide, China, 2022
      • Figure 12: McDonald’s nutrition calculator, China, 2022
      • Figure 13: McDonald’s 500 calories (or less) meals, China, 2022
      • Figure 14: Example of Wagas’ extras, China, 2022
    • Providing multifunctional spaces to embrace a flexible lifestyle
    • The facts
    • The implications
      • Figure 15: Starbucks 1971 Living Room campaign, 2022
      • Figure 16: gaga × Qianyan Bookstore, China, 2021
  4. Market Size

    • Western-style casual dining has not recovered to pre-COVID level
      • Figure 17: Total value sales of Western-style casual dining, 2019-22
  5. Market Factors

    • COVID-19: reduced out-of-home activities due to sporadic outbreaks
      • Figure 18: COVID-related actions considered necessary to take in the next three months, 2022
    • COVID-19: balanced needed between indulgence and healthy eating
    • Western dining habits are gaining traction
      • Figure 19: Number of students studying overseas and returning to China, China, 2016-19
  6. Market Share

    • Market concentration increases during the outbreak
    • Continuous investment in delivery, digitalisation and off-premise consumption help Pizza Hut stay resilient
    • Good value for money help Saizeriya bounce back quickly
    • Domino’s grew fast thanks to delivery service
      • Figure 20: Market share of the top brands, China, 2020-2021
  7. Market Activity

    • Multifunctional space designed to enrich dine-in experience
      • Figure 21: gaga × Qianyan Bookstore, China, 2021
      • Figure 22: Pizza Hut film-themed restaurant, China, 2022
    • Join hand with brands featuring specific ingredients to highlight naturalness and freshness
      • Figure 23: gaga ×Yi Zuo Yi Wang gaga table event, China, 2021
    • Treat body and taste buds via vivacious brunch
      • Figure 24: O’mills Yoga Brunch, China, 2021
  8. New Product Trend

    • Building uniqueness via premium ingredients
      • Figure 25: Example of premium ingredient claims in Green & Safe and BrutEatery, China, 2021
    • Ideal for ketogenic diet
      • Figure 26: O’mills keto pizzas, China, 2022
    • Best of the season, best of the taste
      • Figure 27: Example of gaga seasonal menu, China, 2021
  9. Consumption Method Change

    • Home delivery is now more prevalent
      • Figure 28: Consumption method change, 2022
    • Dine-in behaviours shifting to food deliveries
      • Figure 29: Consumption method change-more often, by consumers who ordered offline and dine in less often, 2022
      • Figure 30: Revisit factors, by selected consumption method – More often, 2022
    • Leverage pet food delivery to attract pet owners
      • Figure 31: Consumption method change-ordered home delivery more often, by living situation, 2022
      • Figure 32: Menu design, by respondents who live with pets, 2022
  10. Purchase Behaviour

    • Lunch and dinner are the main consumption occasions
      • Figure 33: Purchase behaviour, 2022
    • Build a convivial atmosphere via burgeoning brunch and afternoon tea
      • Figure 34: Attitude towards Western-style casual dining – Selected statements, by selected statements, 2022
  11. Visitation Triggers

    • Positive reviews on rating apps drive consumers’ preference
      • Figure 35: Visitation triggers, 2022
      • Figure 36: Visitation triggers – Positive reviews on rating apps, by city, 2022
      • Figure 37: Visitation triggers – Positive reviews on rating apps, by living situation, 2022
    • Uniqueness is important in menu development
      • Figure 38: Visitation triggers-regional cuisine, by city, 2022
    • Provide an exotic atmosphere to attract foreign enterprises employees
      • Figure 39: Selected visitation triggers, by company type, 2022
  12. Revisit Factors

    • Quality of dishes is the key to revisitation
      • Figure 40: Revisit factors, 2022
    • Consider more outlets in office buildings
      • Figure 41: Revisit factor – Well-known chain store brand, by company type, 2022
    • Leverage freshness to attract family diners
      • Figure 42: Selected revisit factors, by living situation, 2022
      • Figure 43: Freshness claims of Vert City Farm, China, 2022
      • Figure 44: Naturalness claims of CHIMIDO, China, 2021
  13. Menu Design

    • Communicate transparently and informatively like packaged foods
      • Figure 45: Menu design, 2022
      • Figure 46: Nutrition facts of McDonald’s chicken sandwich, China, 2022
    • Emphasise the benefits of low GI foods to target females
      • Figure 47: Menu design – Selected claims, by gender, 2022
    • Salt-reduced takeaway menus are in demand
      • Figure 48: Attitude towards Western-style casual dining, by respondents who are concerned about sodium content, 2022
  14. Attitude towards Western-style Casual Dining

    • Consumers prefer good taste, chain stores and set menus
      • Figure 49: Attitude towards Western-style casual dining, 2022
    • Build a more flexible and casual atmosphere
      • Figure 50: Attitude towards Western-style casual dining – Selected statements, 2022
    • Improve dine-in experience to attract younger consumers
      • Figure 51: Attitude towards Western-style casual dining – Selected statements, 2022
      • Figure 52: Selected statement of attitude towards Western-style casual dining – Disagree, by age, 2022
  15. Food Persona

    • Who are they?
      • Figure 53: Food personas, 2022
      • Figure 54: Food personas, by generation, 2022
    • Critical shoppers care about nutrition…
      • Figure 55: Menu design, by food persona, 2022
    • …while emotional eaters seek more detail-oriented menu options
  16. Appendix – Methodology and Abbreviations

    • Methodology
    • Abbreviations

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