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Salty Snacks - Global Annual Review - 2017

Mintel’s Annual Overviews take a look back at 2016 and provide a detailed overview of the key issues faced by key categories through the year. Including; a full market overview, an in-depth review of the big stories from the year as well as our forecast for the future of these markets.

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Table of contents

  1. Overview

        • Figure 1: Salty snacks, global market performance
        • Figure 2: Snacks, volume sales, top five markets, 2016*
        • Figure 3: Snacks, per capita consumption, top five markets, 2016*
        • Figure 4: Snacks, new product launches, by top five subcategories, 2016
        • Figure 5: Snacks, new product launches, top five countries, 2016
    • The Big Stories

        • The biggest driver behind snack purchase is flavor
            • Figure 6: Importance of flavor-related attributes when choosing chips, salty snacks and nuts, select European markets, 2014-16
            • Figure 7: Factors that prompt purchase of new food products, UK, May 2015
          • Ingredients and textures are also providing consumers with new choices
            • Figure 8: Kale snack launches, top five markets, 2011-16
            • Figure 9: Vegetable flavors in snack foods, top five by type, global, 2011-16
            • Figure 10: Hummus chips, launches by country, top five countries, 2016
            • Figure 11: Sorghum in salty snacks, by type of snack, global, 2014-16
          • Salty snacks continue to flourish in China
            • Figure 12: Salty snacks, volume and value sales, China, 2013-15*
            • Figure 13: Salty snacks, sales by value, China, 2013-15
            • Figure 14: Comparison between imported and domestic salty snacks, China, October 2015
            • Figure 15: Consideration factors when buying new salty snacks, China, October 2015
        • Notable Products

            • A growing “foodie” culture and cross-cultural influences in potato snacks
              • Potato chip flavors reflect cross-cultural influences and a growing “foodie” culture
                • As popcorn grows in popularity, flavor profiles include sweet and savory
                  • Sweet and savory flavors in popcorn allow the products to range from “better for you” to “indulgent”
                    • Innovation in snacks includes imaginative platforms, from beans to quinoa
                      • The building blocks of salty snacks move beyond potato, corn and rice
                      • Looking to the Future

                          • The future of meat snacks*
                              • Figure 16: Retail value sales of meat snacks, UK, 2010-15
                              • Figure 17: Consumption of meat snacks in the past six months, Germany, 2012-16
                            • Snacks become “anytime” foods, and salty snacks find the competition fierce
                              • Figure 18: Reasons for snacking, select European markets, 2015
                              • Figure 19: Use of snacks, by occasion, China, 2015
                              • Figure 20: Attitudes about healthy snacking, select European markets, 2015
                              • Figure 21: Launches of snacks with select “better-for-you” positioning, Global, 2014-16
                            • Packaging is poised to play a bigger role in snacks
                              • Figure 22: “Smaller, single-serving sized packs are important when choosing salty snacks,” select European markets, 2016
                              • Figure 23: Salty snacks, with compostable packaging, Global, 2011-16
                              • Figure 24: “I pay more attention to the environmental impact of the food and drink products I buy,” select European markets, 2016
                          • The Analyst's View

                            Salty Snacks - Global Annual Review - 2017

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