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Shave, Deodorants and Depilatories Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

The global antiperspirant-deodorant (APD) market has performed relatively well in 2015 with most countries in positive growth, although many, including mature markets, are stagnating. The Asia Pacific region is seeing the strongest growth, with most markets hitting double digits. Four out of five of the strongest markets in the last five years are countries within Asia, including India, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

India is an interesting market for APD brands to target since market dynamics and consumer behaviours are evolving. We can expect to see far greater product take-up and frequency of use by both genders in the future. By contrast, China remains closed to the category as Chinese perceive deodorants as non-essential products. Brazil is the winner of the global APD market. Thanks to the country’s hot climate, consumers’ near universal usage, Brazilians' love of scented products such as fragrance/ bodysprays/ deodorants, the category is unlikely to decelerate. In mature markets, the APD category continues to grow slowly and despite a near universal usage, the category is too much of a commodity to justify the higher prices that would drive up value. The global dynamic of the market is not changing with little innovation in added value, and claims mostly concentrating around gender-specific products and those that are long lasting or promote antiperspirant qualities. Innovation and segmentation by type of audience and usage occasion (e.g. sport, evening) will help to drive usage and increase value and price.

In the shaving sector, the US is by far the biggest market worldwide. The second biggest market, France, is one quarter of the size of the US. The biggest shaving markets including US, France, Brazil, UK and Germany continued on a steady or downward trajectory. This is due to the continued fashion for facial hair among men and the trend for men to allocate more of their budget to products outside of the grooming staples to include facial skincare, hand and nail care and hair and styling products.

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Shave, Deodorants and Depilatories Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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