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South Korea Outbound - April 2010

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Market Drivers

        • Population
          • Figure 1: Mid-year population estimates for South Korea, 1950-2050
          • Figure 2: Mid-year population estimates for South Korea, by age and gender, 2010 and 2050
        • Economy
            • Figure 3: GDP, real GDP and unemployment rates for South Korea, 2002-08
          • Exchange rates
            • Figure 4: Exchange rates between the South Korean Won and selected global currencies, 2003-09
          • Tourism balance
            • Figure 5: South Korea’s tourism balance, 2003-08
        • Outbound Tourism

          • Arrivals
            • Figure 6: Outbound travel from South Korea, 2003-09
          • Destinations
            • Figure 7: Outbound travel from South Korea, by selected destinations, 2006-09
          • China
            • Japan
              • Hong Kong
                • Thailand
                  • US
                    • Europe
                      • North Korea
                      • Market Characteristics

                        • Pre-booking behaviour and booking methods
                          • Figure 8: Factors affecting South Koreans’ destination selection, 2006
                          • Figure 9: South Korea’s travel information sources for Australia and Hong Kong, 2006*
                        • Demographics
                          • Figure 10: Outbound travel from South Korea, by gender, 2006-08
                          • Figure 11: Outbound travel from South Korea, by age, 2006-08
                        • Families
                          • Young professionals
                            • Retirees
                              • Honeymooners
                                • Students
                                  • Long-haul
                                    • Adventure Seekers
                                      • Family Focus
                                        • Comfort Tourists
                                          • Functional Travellers
                                            • Purpose of visit
                                              • Expenditure
                                                • Length of stay
                                                  • Seasonality
                                                    • Figure 12: Outbound travel from South Korea, by selected destinations, 2006-08
                                                • Transport

                                                  • Overview
                                                    • Figure 13: Outbound travellers from South Korea*, by mode of transport, 2006-08
                                                  • Air
                                                    • Scheduled and non-scheduled flights
                                                        • Figure 14: Passenger departures from South Korean airports, by scheduled and non-scheduled airlines, 2000-08
                                                      • Airports
                                                        • Figure 15: International air carriers operating at Incheon Airport, by number of routes and frequency, 2008
                                                        • Figure 16: Departures from Gimhae, Jeju and Gimpo airports (residents and non-residents), by region, 2003 and 2009
                                                      • National airlines
                                                        • Figure 17: Korean Air scheduled routes, by country, origin and number of flights per week, February 2010
                                                        • Figure 18: Asiana Airlines’ scheduled routes, by region, origin and number of flights per week, February 2010
                                                      • Low-cost carriers
                                                        • Sea
                                                        • Accommodation

                                                          • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

                                                                • Figure 19: Top ten travel agencies in South Korea, by number of outbound package travellers, 2006-08
                                                            • What Next?

                                                              • Index to TTI Destination Reports

                                                                • Country reports
                                                                • Index to Travel & Tourism Analyst

                                                                    • Index grouped by geographic area
                                                                    • Special Reports Index

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