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Technology and the Modern Traveller - March 2018

“Technology has fundamentally changed the way modern travellers dream about, research and book travel. The advent of fast and reliable on-the-go Internet (3G and 4G mobile networks) has perhaps had the biggest impact – leading the way for a wealth of technological innovations that modern travellers increasingly take for granted.”
- Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

  • What are the key technologies that have influenced the modern traveller?
  • What impact has technology had on the way the modern traveller researches and books travel?
  • How do modern travellers use technology in travel?
  • How do modern travellers use technology in their destinations?
  • How have the expectations of the modern traveller been shaped by technology?
  • What emerging technologies is the modern traveller engaging with or most likely to engage with?
  • How can tourism-related enterprises adapt to the changing needs and demographics of the connected modern traveller?

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

          • Size of the global travel and tourism industry
            • Figure 1: International tourism arrivals by region, 2010-18
            • Figure 2: International tourism receipts by region, 2010-18
          • Population
            • Figure 3: Population change in selected markets*, 2015-50
          • Economy
            • Figure 4: GDP in selected markets*, 2011-18
          • Propensity to travel
            • Figure 5: Gross propensity to travel abroad in selected markets*, 2015-18
        • Defining the Modern Traveller

            • Who is travelling?
              • Figure 6: Outbound travel & tourism expenditure, in selected markets, 2013-18
              • Figure 7: Outbound tourism spending in the top 10 international tourism-generating countries, 2015 & 2016
              • Figure 8: Outbound travel from top 10 international tourism-generating countries, 2015-18
            • Emerging markets
              • Figure 9: International tourism expenditure from emerging outbound markets, 2013-18
            • India
              • Where are they travelling?
                • Figure 10: The world’s leading tourism destinations, 2015-16
            • Revolutionary Technology

                • Wi-Fi and the Internet
                  • Figure 11: Broadband & 3G subscribers in selected countries, 2010-18
                  • Figure 12: 4G mobile subscribers worldwide, 2010-18
                  • Figure 13: Internet penetration rates in selected countries, 2000 & 2010-18
              • Technology Used by Modern Travellers

                  • Figure 14: PC notebooks by volume in selected countries, 2015-18*
                  • Figure 15: Tablet ownership in selected countries, 2010-18
                  • Figure 16: Mobile/cellphone handsets by volume, 2010-18
                  • Figure 17: Smartphone ownership by age, selected markets, 2012-17
              • The Software

                • Search engines – A world of infinite possibilities
                  • Figure 18: Search-engine market share worldwide, 2017
                • Travel apps
                    • Figure 19: Some key apps used by the modern traveller, 2018*
                • Technology Touchpoints and the Modern Traveller

                      • Figure 20: E-commerce: travel sales by market share in selected outbound markets, 2011-16
                  • Technology-driven Trends and the Modern Traveller

                      • Everyday travel technology
                        • On-the-go entertainment
                          • On-the-go payments
                            • Social media and modern travellers
                              • Emerging technology and modern travellers
                                • Artificial intelligence
                                  • Location services
                                    • Virtual reality
                                      • Robotics
                                        • Wearables
                                          • Breaking away from traditional tourism model
                                          • The Modern Traveller and Technology – Generational Distinctions

                                              • Millennial travellers and technology
                                                • Generation X travellers and technology
                                                  • Baby Boomer travellers and technology
                                                    • The modern business traveller and technology
                                                    • A Global Perspective

                                                        • Europe
                                                          • Americas
                                                            • Asia Pacific
                                                              • Africa
                                                                • Middle East
                                                                • What Next?

                                                                    • Mobile first
                                                                      • Frictionless technology
                                                                        • Realising the potential of tomorrow’s tech
                                                                          • Flexible itineraries
                                                                            • Going live
                                                                              • Non-linear paths to travel

                                                                              Technology and the Modern Traveller - March 2018

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