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The Future of Prepared Meals, Pizza and Soup: 2020

Key points included

  • Beware of plant-based backlash
  • Plastic prevails as public enemy no. 1
  • Shelf-stable products get a shake-up

The big stories

Processed plant-based options face backlash for being unnatural, consumers continue to hold retailers and manufacturers accountable for plastic pollution, and shelf-stable meals get a contemporary overhaul.

In the next two years

Flexitarians will drive a higher standard of ethics in premium products, meal kit manufacturers will align with smart kitchen technology, and interest in long-term cognitive health will lead to more on-pack references to the Mediterranean diet.

In five years and beyond

DNA testing leads to opportunities for personalised meal kits, concerns over planetary health will shape product innovation, and taste and textural benefits of synthetic/lab-created ingredients must be highlighted in order to gain consumer acceptance.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

Written by Ayisha Koyenikan, a leading analyst in the Food & Drink sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

The rapid growth in popularity of plant-based meat alternatives has highlighted consumer desire to adopt more ethical and perhaps healthier eating habits. In Western markets, these alternatives are enjoying something of a honeymoon period with newly converted flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans, many of whom are just happy to have tasty, meat-like alternatives after being underserved by the food industry for many years. Ayisha Koyenikan
Food & Drink Analyst


What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. the big stories

    • Beware of the plant-based backlash
    • Plastic prevails as public enemy no. 1
    • [Graph] Global: penetration of compostable and biodegradeable packaging claims in food and drink launches, Jan 2017-Dec 2019
    • Shelf-stable products get a shake-up
    • [Graph] Asia Pacific: split of prepared meal launches by storage type, Jan 2015-Dec 2019
  2. in the next two years

    • Premium products get ethical upgrade
    • [Graph] Global: % of product launches containing meat or fish, premium prepared meals and pizzas vs non-premium meals and pizzas, Jan 2017-Dec 2019
    • [Graph] Global: penetration of 'ethical – animal' claims in prepared meal, pizza and wet soup innovation, by region, Jan 2015-Dec 2019
    • Meal kits get 'smarter' in a saturated market
    • [Graph] Selected countries: meal kit innovation, by country, 2017-19
    • Interest in brain health boosts Mediterranean diet
  3. in five years and beyond

    • key market data

      • [Graph] Global: ready meals and pizzas, 10 biggest markets by volume*, 2019
      • [Graph] Global: prepared soup, 10 biggest markets by volume*, 2019
      • [Graph] Global: ready meals and pizzas, 5 fastest and 5 slowest growing markets, next five years (volume CAGR)
      • [Graph] Global: prepared soup, 5 fastest and 5 slowest growing markets, next five years (volume CAGR)

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