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The Future of the European Package Holiday - Europe - May 2009

The objective of this report is to provide a past/present measurement of the European package holiday market and an analysis for the future. Future analysis will be based on extrapolated trends indicated in quantitative data, examples, interviews with key figures involved in the European package holiday market, and an examination, description and analysis of the factors affecting the market.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

      • Scope of the report
      • Data Sources

        • Overview

          • A brief timeline of the package holiday
            • What is a package holiday?
              • Competing methodologies of arranging holidays
                • Dynamic packaging
                  • FIT and GIT
                  • Status of the European Package Holiday

                      • The European tourism market
                        • The European market in a global context
                          • Europe’s tourism economy
                            • Figure 1: Travel and tourism indicators for the European Union 2003-08, and forecast to 2018
                            • Figure 2: Travel and tourism indicators for Central & Eastern Europe 2003-08, and forecast to 2018
                            • Figure 3: Travel and tourism indicators for other Western European countries 2003-08, and forecast to 2018
                            • Figure 4: Travel and tourism indicators for total Europe 2003-08, and forecast to 2018
                          • European tourism arrivals
                            • Figure 5: Europe's international arrivals and tourism receipts, 2001-07
                            • Figure 6: Growth in arrivals and bednights per annum by chief issuing markets in Europe, 2007-08
                            • Figure 7: Growth of total European foreign arrivals and bed nights per annum, 1998-2008
                          • The European package holiday market
                            • UK
                                • Figure 8: Number of visits to the UK by overseas residents, by area of residence and purpose of visit, 2005-07, Q1-Q3/2008
                                • Figure 9: Number of visits abroad, by UK residents, by destination and purpose of visit, 2005-07, Q1-Q3/2008
                              • Spain
                                • Figure 10: Inbound arrivals and inter-annual % variation inbound arrivals to Spain, 2001-07
                                • Figure 11: UK arrivals to Spain, 2000-07
                                • Figure 12: UK tourists, by form of organisation of trip, 2003-07
                                • Figure 13: Tourists from Germany and Nordic countries, by form of organisation of trip, 2003-07
                                • Figure 14: Non-package arrivals to Spain and year-on-year % variation, 2003-07
                              • European package tourism destination trends
                                • Figure 15: Co-operative Travel’s top destinations for late market, summer 2008
                                • Figure 16: Popular destinations ranked, by number of UK tourist arrivals, 2005-07, Q1-3/2008
                              • Interview with Irfan Onal, director, Turkish Culture & Tourism Office, UK
                              • Key Factors Affecting Package Holidays

                                  • Consumer prioritising of holidays
                                    • Figure 17: UK spending priorities, 2007
                                    • Figure 18: UK market size trends as indicated, by sales and expenditure for selected activities, 2003-07
                                    • Figure 19: UK overseas inclusive holidays versus independent holidays by volume, 2003-13
                                  • Consumer protection
                                    • ATOL
                                      • Trust fund system
                                        • Travellers’ choices: Insurance, deposits and credit cards
                                          • Emerging tour operator strategies
                                            • Company mergers
                                              • Reshaping the customers’ face-to-face experience
                                                • The high street travel shop
                                                  • Customer representatives
                                                    • Reshaping the traditional package holiday
                                                      • Medium- and long-haul
                                                        • Trend shifts in accommodation and resorts
                                                          • Interview with Tim Williamson, customer director, TUI Travel, UK and Ireland
                                                            • Low-cost carriers
                                                                • Figure 20: European low-cost carriers, ELFAA members, capacity, destinations and routes, 2005
                                                                • Figure 21: Major European low-cost carriers, their capacity, destinations and routes, 2007
                                                                • Figure 22: Major European low-cost carriers, ELFAA members, capacity, destinations and routes, 2008
                                                              • Second-home ownership
                                                                • Financial factors
                                                                  • Currency exchange rates
                                                                    • Volatile aviation fuel prices
                                                                      • Figure 23: IATA weekly jet fuel price, 25 April 2008
                                                                      • Figure 24: IATA weekly jet fuel price, 27 February 2009
                                                                    • The Internet
                                                                        • Figure 25: International land and air tourists to Spain according to Internet use in relation to trip, 2006-07
                                                                    • What Next?

                                                                      • A stable UK and European package market
                                                                        • ATOL protection for dynamic packaging
                                                                          • Convergence of LCC and tour-operator business models
                                                                            • Holiday strategies during the credit downturn and after
                                                                              • LCCs reaching out to middle-distance destinations
                                                                                • Second home ownership post credit crunch
                                                                                  • Short reprieve versus package permanence?
                                                                                      • Figure 26: A ledger of winners and losers in European package tourism, 2009

                                                                                  The Future of the European Package Holiday - Europe - May 2009

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