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The Future of the Sharing Economy in Tourism - International - July 2019

“A decade ago, collaborative consumption was a relatively unknown concept and tourism-related goods and services – including accommodation, rental cars and guided tours – were booked almost exclusively through travel agents or direct with a mainstream tourism provider such as a hotel, car-rental firm or holiday letting company. The sharing economy has disrupted the tourism industry considerably in the interim and two of its biggest players – Airbnb and Uber – are now among the world’s biggest and most well-known brands. The number of tourism-related ‘shareconomy’ platforms has also grown significantly and includes things like room-sharing, ride-sharing, car-sharing, skill-sharing (in the form of guided tours, excursions and workshops), food and drink-sharing and even clothes-sharing.”
- Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

  • What is the sharing economy and what has shaped its development?
  • What type of sharing-economy platforms are currently operating within the tourism industry?
  • What challenges and opportunities does the sharing economy in tourism present those with vested interests in the sector?
  • What shape is the tourism sharing economy taking around the world?
  • How might the sharing economy in tourism evolve in the future?

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

        • The sharing economy
          • History and development
            • Sharing-economy growth
              • Population
                • Figure 1: World population by 5-year age groups, 2019 & 2050
              • Economy
                • Figure 2: GDP in top 10 outbound tourism markets, 2012-19
                • Figure 3: Unemployment in top 10 outbound markets, 2012-19
              • Growth in e-commerce
                • Figure 4: E-commerce, CAGR, & retail market value*, 2017
                • Figure 5: E-commerce: travel sales by value in selected outbound markets, 2012-16
            • Tourism and the Sharing Economy

                • Figure 6: International arrivals, worldwide, 2012-19
                • Figure 7: Visitor exports (foreign spending), worldwide, 2012-19
            • Technology and the Sharing Economy

                • Figure 8: Internet penetration rates in selected countries, 2000 & 2010-19
                • Figure 9: Broadband & 3G* services: volume, 2012-19
                • Figure 10: Mobile/cellphone handsets: volume, 2012-19
                • Figure 11: Mobile/cellphone handsets: volume consumption per capita (population), 2012-19
            • Sharing-economy Platforms in Tourism

                • Market leaders
                  • Airbnb
                    • Uber
                      • Increasingly diverse platforms
                        • Boatsetter
                            • Couchsurfing
                              • CurrencyFair
                                • Dabble
                                  • Eatwith
                                    • Gamping
                                      • Home Exchange
                                        • JustPark
                                          • Urbee
                                            • Roomer
                                              • RVshare
                                                • Sharewood
                                                  • ToursByLocals
                                                    • Workaway
                                                    • Tourism Sharing-economy Customers

                                                        • Figure 12: Top 10 outbound tourism markets by expenditure, 2012-19
                                                      • Generational differences
                                                        • Millennials
                                                          • Generation X
                                                            • Baby Boomers
                                                              • Generation Z
                                                              • Sharing Economy, Disruption and Change

                                                                  • Advantages
                                                                    • Industry disrupters
                                                                      • Urban mobility
                                                                        • Meal-sharing
                                                                          • Room-sharing
                                                                          • Tourism Industry Trends

                                                                            • Tourism Sharing Economy and Social Media

                                                                              • Trust Economy

                                                                                • Tourism Sharing Economy around the Globe

                                                                                  • Asia and the Pacific
                                                                                    • Seoul – World’s first sharing city
                                                                                      • Europe
                                                                                        • Amsterdam – Europe’s first sharing city
                                                                                          • Americas
                                                                                            • New York City
                                                                                              • Middle East
                                                                                                • Dubai
                                                                                                  • Africa
                                                                                                    • Kenya
                                                                                                    • What Next?

                                                                                                        • Figure 13: Visitor exports (foreign spending), worldwide, 2020-29
                                                                                                        • Figure 14: Visitor exports (foreign spending) in the world’s top 10 tourism destinations, 2020-29

                                                                                                    The Future of the Sharing Economy in Tourism - International - July 2019

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