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“The ever-growing importance of food to pub revenues means that landlords are competing as much against mid-market restaurant chains as they are against other pubs. There’s a growing case for replicating the kind of child-oriented provisions, such as toys and colouring books, that the likes of Pizza Express and Wagamamas have long offered parents, as well as designating specific times and spaces of the pub in which to allow children.”
– Chris Wisson, Senior Drinks Analyst

Despite the associated costs of Christmas, Brits still took part in a wide variety of leisure activities in January 2016. However, many activities saw a clear decline against October 2015 participation rates, a likely reflection of post-Christmas economising, as well as the colder January weather. Weekly participation rates also saw a clear drop in many of the selected leisure activities.

Dining out in pubs and restaurants and going to the pub for a drink are among the most popular options, with participation rates holding up much better than for visitor attractions such as museums and zoos.

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Key Findings

      • Economic revival will give people the confidence to trade up
      • Participation in Leisure Activities

        • Participation rates for many leisure activities holds up in January
            • Figure 1: “How often have you done the following leisure activities in the past month?” January 2016
            • Figure 2: “How often have you done the following leisure activities in the past month?” October 2015 vs January 2016
          • Who does what?
          • Spending and Companions for Leisure Activities

            • Restaurant food holds up better than pub grub for higher spending
                • Figure 3: “Thinking about the last time you took part in one of these activities, approximately how much did you personally spend?” January 2016
              • Drinks spending remains moderate
                • Dinner with a partner, drinks with friends
                  • Figure 4: “Who did you do each of these activities with?” January 2016
              • Pub Activities

                • High quality food can be an effective footfall driver
                  • Utilising greater consumer connectivity
                    • Children and sport in pubs
                      • Figure 5: “Thinking specifically about pubs/bars, which, if any, of the following have you done within the last month?” October 2015 vs January 2016
                  • What It Means

                    • Confidence stagnates but higher ticket prices should still resonate

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