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“Changes in leisure activity participation and spending indicate that consumers are choosing quality over quantity when it comes to drinking and dining out. Increased voucher usage also reflects that Brits are keen to keep up their leisure habits but seeking ways to make this more affordable.”
– Helen Fricker, Senior Leisure Analyst

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Key Findings

      • Brits still preferring to dine out
      • Current Participation in Leisure Activities

        • Brits love to eat out
            • Figure 1: Participation in leisure activities, October 2017
        • Changes in Leisure Activity Participation

          • Pub and music industry benefit from summer…
            • Figure 2: Participation in leisure activities, once a month or more, food and drink related, April 2017 vs October 2017
          • …as do gyms and visitor attractions
              • Figure 3: Participation in leisure activities, once a month or more, non-food and drink related, April 2017 vs October 2017
          • Annual Changes in Leisure Activity Participation

            • Pub dining sees greatest increase
              • Figure 4: Participation in leisure activities, once a month or more, October 2016 vs October 2017
            • Overall leisure activity participation increasing
            • Spending on Leisure Activities

              • Spend on drinking and dining reflects venue type
                • Figure 5: Leisure activity spend, October 2017
              • Changes in spending reflect quality over quantity mentality
                • Consumers cutting back in wet-led establishments
                  • Figure 6: Leisure activity spend, January 2017 vs July 2017
                • Increased intentions to splash out on dinner and go to events
                    • Figure 7: Trends in what extra money is spent on, October 2018
                  • Consumer confidence beginning to stabilise
                  • Pub Activities

                    • Consumers being driven to pubs for quality food
                      • Increase in pub voucher usage
                        • Online activity growing
                          • Figure 8: Pub/bar activity, October 2016 versus October 2017
                      • What it Means

                        • Consumers seeking quality over quantity

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