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According to Mintel’s Consumer Confidence Tracker, uncertainty surrounding Brexit is not negatively impacting consumers’ personal financial outlook.

Confidence has remained at an all-time high through 2019, with a greater proportion of consumers describing their financial situation as being “healthy” than at any time since Mintel started tracking this measure in 2009. By comparison, the percentage of consumers that describe their financial situation as “tight” continues to drop steadily (17% in October 2019 versus 29% in September 2010).

In addition, the UK’s unemployment rate has been at and around the lowest level seen since the 1970s, while wages continue to grow beyond inflation (see Mintel’s Consumers and the Economic Outlook – UK, September 2019).

“Consumers have begun preparing for Christmas by adding to savings and reducing spend on nights out. While participation in some leisure activities is expected to take a hit, indoor venues look set to at least maintain trading levels as the winter cold settles in. Pubs hope to boost pre-Christmas trade by tapping into the vegan trend and providing greater takeaway options.”
– Lauren Ryan, Leisure Analyst

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Key Findings

      • Wet and cold start to Q4
        • Christmas preparations have begun
          • Rugby World Cup failed to boost pub visiting
            • Spotlight on the late night sector
              • Leisure activities face increased competition
              • Market Drivers

                • Consumer confidence continues to climb
                  • Figure 1: Trends in how respondents describe their financial situation, September 2010 - October 2019
                • Consumers are Christmas-conscious
                  • Figure 2: Spending activities completed in the past versus planned three months, October 2019
                • Leisure activities face increased competition
                  • Wet and cold start to Q4
                      • Figure 3: UK mean temperature in ⁰C, January - October 2019
                  • Leisure Activity Participation

                    • Rugby World Cup failed to boost pub visiting
                      • Gyms gear up for January rush
                        • Leisure centres look to future-proof
                          • Figure 4: Quarterly participation in non-food and drink leisure activities, January-October 2019
                        • Christmas dinner… done differently
                            • Figure 5: Quarterly participation in food and drink-related activities, January-October 2019
                        • Annual Changes in Participation

                          • Live entertainment drawing in the crowds
                            • Figure 6: Participation in leisure activities, once a month or more, non-food and drink related, October 2016-19
                          • Spotlight on the late night sector
                              • Figure 7: Participation in leisure activities, once a month or more, food and drink related, October 2016-19
                          • Spending on Leisure Activities

                            • Leisure spend slows as Christmas approaches
                              • Figure 8: Quarterly approximate leisure activity spend, January-October 2019
                          • Annual Changes in Spending

                            • Eating-out spend rising
                                • Figure 9: Approximate leisure activity spend, October 2016 – October 2019
                            • Pub Activities

                              • Social media proves necessary for pubs
                                • Figure 10: Pub/bar visitor behaviours, October 2016-19
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