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The Rise of Multigenerational Tourism in Europe - February 2015

“More and more clients are requesting travel arrangements that will include their extended families. Reuniting and creating bonds through travel is a way for them to stay connected to each other, gives them something they can plan together and keep in touch during that process. The memories they create are a way of keeping those special times fresh and the bonds between the participants secured. Ultimately, travelling together helps to make people feel better connected to each other once they return to their homes and normal schedules.”
- Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst

Mintel also considers the future direction of multigenerational travel in Europe. In summary, this report looks at the following areas:

  • What is multigenerational travel?
  • Who goes on a multigenerational holiday in Europe?
  • Where do multigenerational travellers go in Europe?
  • What are the key reasons that travellers take a multigenerational trip in Europe?
  • How can European tourism suppliers meet the needs of multigenerational travellers?
  • What factors will shape the demand for multigenerational travel in Europe in the future?

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Overview

          • International tourism in Europe
            • Arrivals
              • Figure 1: International arrivals by region, 2009-15
              • Figure 2: Europe’s leading destinations by arrivals, 2009-15
            • Tourism receipts
              • Figure 3: International tourism receipts by region, 2009-15
              • Figure 4: Europe’s leading destinations by tourism receipts, 2009-15
            • Leading tourism spenders
              • Figure 5: Expenditure on outbound travel, by region 2009-15
              • Figure 6: Leading outbound countries by expenditure, 2009-15
            • Changing socio-economic demographics
              • An ageing population
                • Figure 7: Population trends in leading outbound markets, 2015 & 2050
                • Figure 8: Population trends in leading outbound markets, in %, 2015 & 2050
              • An expanding middle class
                • Figure 9: GNI per capita in the leading outbound markets, 1995, 2000, 2005 & 2010-13
            • Market Characteristics

                • Demand
                  • Group size
                    • Planning
                      • Payment
                        • Seasonality
                          • Socio-demographics
                            • Nationality
                              • Multigenerational travellers from Europe
                                • Germany
                                  • Figure 10: German holidays, 2009-15
                                  • Figure 11: Top 10 outbound destinations for German holidaymakers, 2009-15
                                  • Figure 12: Top 10 domestic destinations for German holidaymakers, 2009-15
                                • UK
                                  • Figure 13: UK tourists in Europe, 2009-15
                                  • Figure 14: Leading European destinations for UK tourists, 2009-15
                                • Multigenerational travellers from Asia
                                  • China
                                    • Figure 15: Chinese tourists at selected European destinations, 2009-15
                                  • India
                                    • Figure 16: India's outbound tourism market, 2009-15
                                    • Figure 17: Indian overnight stays in selected European destinations, 2009-15
                                    • Figure 18: Population trends in India, 2015 & 2050
                                  • Multigenerational travellers from the rest of the world
                                    • US
                                      • Figure 19: Leading European destinations for US tourists, 2009-15
                                  • Multigenerational Holiday Destinations

                                    • France
                                      • Industry insight: Andrew Rossiter, editor,
                                        • Spain
                                          • Industry insight: Karen Blanchard, communications coordinator for the Tenerife Tourism Corporation
                                            • Italy
                                              • Industry insight: Alessandra Smith, press office, Italian National Tourist Board UK and Republic of Ireland
                                                • UK
                                                  • Industry insight: Jonathan Epstein, president, Celebrated Experiences
                                                  • Types of Multigenerational Travel

                                                    • Ancestry
                                                      • Beach holidays
                                                        • Celebratory travel
                                                          • Industry insight: Pamala Reiter, Milestone Celebration Journeys expert, Celebration Escapes
                                                            • Cultural holidays
                                                              • Industry insight: Rhonda Carrier, head of content,
                                                                • Cruises
                                                                  • Industry insight: Uniworld
                                                                    • Escorted tours
                                                                      • Industry insight: Tom Armstrong, corporate communications manager, Tauck
                                                                      • The Needs of Multigenerational Travellers in Europe

                                                                          • Travel agents
                                                                            • Accommodation
                                                                              • Industry insight: Lindsey Ueberroth, president & CEO, Preferred Hotel Group
                                                                                • Industry insight: Stephen Ellison, marketing & sales manager, Vintage Travel
                                                                                • New Technology and Multigenerational Travel

                                                                                    • Figure 20: Internet users per 100 people, 2000 & 2008-15
                                                                                • What Next?

                                                                                    • Figure 21: International arrivals forecast for Europe, 2010-30
                                                                                    • Figure 22: International arrivals forecast in Europe’s leading destinations, 2014-24

                                                                                The Rise of Multigenerational Tourism in Europe - February 2015

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