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Travel and Tourism - Ghana - August 2019

“In 2018, tourist arrivals from Nigeria accounted for 10% of the total inbound market – an increase attributed, in part, to an advertising campaign marketing Ghana as a weekend getaway. Nigeria has a growing middle class and like many other people with the time and money to travel, they take short breaks from their (stressful) daily lives.”
– Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Why have foreign arrivals to Ghana remained so sluggish?
  • What is being done to encourage Ghanaians to travel within their own country?
  • Why has it taken so long to upgrade Ghana’s railways?
  • What development is expected to give a massive boost to Ghana’s tourism industry?

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Table of contents

  1. Ghana: Key Facts

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

                • Ghanaian culture
                  • Greater Accra Region
                    • Central Ghana and the south coast
                      • Ashanti region
                      • Tourism and the Economy

                          • Figure 1: Ibrahim Index of African Governance, comparing Ghana with other selected countries in Africa, 2018
                        • Tourism earns foreign exchange
                          • Figure 2: International tourism receipts, 2016-18
                        • The role of tourism in the economy
                          • Figure 3: Direct contribution of travel & tourism economy to GDP & to employment, 2014-18
                      • Arrivals

                        • International
                          • Figure 4: International tourist arrivals, Sub-Saharan Africa, at 5-year intervals, 2000-18
                          • Figure 5: International tourist arrivals, Ghana, 2014-18
                        • Leading source markets
                          • Figure 6: Leading source markets to international tourism, 2014-18
                        • Domestic
                          • Figure 7: Domestic expenditure on tourism & travel, 2014-18
                      • Market Characteristics

                        • International
                          • Purpose of visit
                            • Seasonality
                              • Length of stay
                                • Domestic
                                  • Purpose of visit
                                    • Seasonality
                                      • Length of stay
                                      • Transport

                                          • Air
                                            • Figure 8: Passenger traffic at Kotoka International Airport, 2014-18
                                          • Accra gets increased airlift
                                            • Figure 9: Passenger traffic at Kumasi International Airport, 2014-17
                                          • Road
                                            • Rail
                                              • Sea
                                              • Accommodation

                                                  • Figure 10: Licensed accommodations, 2014-18
                                                • Hotel occupancy rates
                                                  • The Marine Drive Tourism and Investment Project
                                                  • Tourism News

                                                      • The Ghana Tourism Authority
                                                        • 2019 – Year of the Return
                                                        • What Next?

                                                          Travel and Tourism - Ghana - August 2019

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