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Despite its dysfunctional past and notwithstanding some significant present day difficulties, the future for Honduras’ economy and tourism could be promising. Like many Latin American nations though, Honduras has recently entered into a new political stage in its history, one that seems capable of delivering decent economic and social change.

In terms of its tourism base, Honduras has a competitive inventory of attractions. Its Caribbean coast and islands; its pre-European, particularly Mayan, history; its culture; its Spanish colonial era history; and the natural landscape resources associated with rugged mountains, forested coastal plains, rivers, and varied wildlife all contribute to its appeal. Its most invaluable assets are its Caribbean islands, especially Roatán; the Mayan ruins at Copán Ruínas; its proximity to the US; and the fact that for the latter market especially, it is a comparable yet cheaper alternative to Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

On the world stage, there are two emerging advantageous aspects to Honduras’ potential rising profile as a destination. These are that tourists are looking for new, off-the-beaten-track, adventurous destinations, and also that the association with danger appears to have become fashionable in certain areas of tourism, especially in Latin America.

Country Reports are tourism profiles of destination countries.

This report is produced by one of a global network of industry analysts, who provide market-based information as well as detailed, insightful and localised interpretation of the facts and figures.

Each profile contains information on:

  • Tourist arrivals - overnights and expenditure
  • Purpose of visit - business, leisure or VFR
  • Accommodation supply - operating performance
  • Tourism policy - management
  • Transport - access and infrastructure
  • Tourism funding - promotion and future development

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Honduras

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

              • Beaches
                • Colonial influence
                  • Copán Ruínas
                    • Garífuna villages
                      • Lago de Yojoa
                        • Miskito Coast
                          • Protected reserves
                            • Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula
                              • The Islas de la Bahía (Bay Islands)
                                • The Ruta Lenca
                                • Tourism and the Economy

                                    • Figure 1: Main generators of foreign exchange by sector, 2003-07
                                    • Figure 2: Travel and tourism activity versus economy-wide activity, 2004-18
                                    • Figure 3: Travel and tourism activity growth per annum, 2004-18
                                    • Figure 4: Travel and tourism activity equivalent economy-wide spending, 2004-18
                                    • Figure 5: Jobs in tourism by sector, 2003-07
                                • Arrivals

                                  • International
                                    • Figure 6: International visitor arrivals, 2003-07
                                    • Figure 7: Tourist arrivals by region of residence, 2007
                                    • Figure 8: Percentage arrival of tourists by way of entry, 2003-07
                                    • Figure 9: Tourists’ average spend per trip by region, 2006-07
                                  • Domestic
                                    • Figure 10: Annual domestic and international arrivals to Copan Archaeological Park, 2003-07
                                    • Figure 11: Annual domestic and international arrivals to La Tigra National Park, 2003-07
                                • Market Characteristics

                                  • International
                                    • Figure 12: Tourist arrivals for age, civil state & education by region of residence, 2007
                                    • Figure 13: Tourist arrivals against occupation and income by region of residence, 2007
                                    • Figure 14: Tourist arrivals against visit frequency, companions and accommodation by region of residence, 2007
                                  • Purpose of visit
                                    • Figure 15: Tourist arrivals by purpose of visit, 2007
                                  • Seasonality
                                    • Figure 16: Tourist arrivals by month, 2005-07
                                  • Length of stay
                                    • Figure 17: Average length of stay and spend per trip, 2003-07
                                  • Domestic
                                    • Figure 18: Principal indicators of domestic tourism, 2007
                                  • Purpose of visit
                                    • Figure 19: Ranked principle destinations for domestic tourists, 2007
                                  • Seasonality
                                    • Figure 20: Share of domestic tourist arrivals, by month, 2007
                                  • Length of stay
                                  • Transport

                                    • Air
                                      • Road
                                        • Rail
                                          • Sea
                                            • Figure 21: Monthly arrivals of cruise ships to Roatán, 2003-07
                                        • Accommodation

                                            • Figure 22: Inventory of tourism establishments, 2007
                                        • Tourism News

                                          • Award-winning Moskito Coast ecotourism
                                            • Central America launches UK campaign
                                              • Cruise ships cancel stops
                                                • Electricity infrastructure improvements
                                                  • Tegucigalpa airport closed
                                                    • Roatán tourist deaths
                                                    • What Next?

                                                      • Central America’s integrated tourism approach
                                                        • Crime and tourist safety
                                                          • Growth and the credit downturn
                                                            • Key European market
                                                              • Micro-economics and tourism
                                                                • Tourism-related national infrastructure improvements

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