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Travel and Tourism - Iraq - February 2014

Around the same size as the US state of California, the oil-rich nation of Iraq lies in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait. The country itself is not an obvious holiday destination, and for many would-be travellers, tends to conjure up images of war and upheaval rather than a restful or inspiring place to visit.

Iraq’s economy is dominated by the oil sector, which accounts for more than 90% of government revenue and has recently returned to levels achieved prior to the Iraq war. An improved security environment and a wave of foreign investment are now helping to stimulate economic activity. According to ‘Shifting Perspectives’, Ernst & Young’s 2012 ‘Middle East Attractiveness’ Survey, presented at the Growing Beyond Summit, October 2012, Iraq experienced a 33.3% decline in foreign direct investment (FDI) projects over 2010. The country then managed to attract some capital-intensive industrial projects primarily from the US, leading to a 93% increase in FDI value.

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Table of contents

  1. Iraq: Key Facts

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

                • Babylon
                  • Baghdad
                    • Basra
                      • Kurdistan
                        • Religious sites
                          • Cultural tourism
                            • War tourism
                            • Tourism and the Economy

                                • Figure 1: Economic impact of tourism in Iraq, 2012-23
                                • Figure 2: Tourism expenditure in Iraq, 2006-07*
                            • Arrivals

                              • International
                                • Figure 3: Arrivals in Iraq, 1995-2010*
                                • Figure 4: Arrivals in Iraq, by region, 2008-10*
                                • Figure 5: Arrivals in Iraq, by nationality, 2008-10*
                              • Religious tourism
                                • Figure 6: Muslim population, by selected country, 2011*
                              • Domestic
                              • Market Characteristics

                                • International
                                  • Purpose of visit
                                    • Seasonality
                                      • Length of stay
                                        • Other
                                          • Domestic
                                          • Transport

                                            • Air
                                              • Road
                                                • Rail
                                                  • Sea
                                                  • Accommodation

                                                      • Figure 7: Hotel indicators, Iraq, 2007-10*
                                                      • Figure 8: Development pipeline, Erbil, 2012-14
                                                  • Tourism News

                                                    • What Next?

                                                        • Cultural heritage
                                                          • Ecotourism

                                                          Travel and Tourism - Iraq - February 2014

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