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Travel and Tourism - Jordan - February 2014

Jordan has the potential of being the most visited tourism destination in the Middle East. It is well connected to Europe and beyond, has a good transport infrastructure and an abundance of attractions that allows visitors to mix heritage with culture, beaches, fine dining and luxurious spas, all in a country that is compact enough to not worry about distances or taking internal flights.

However, Jordan’s strategic location in the Middle East has been responsible for both its main attractions, most notably Petra, and its current difficulties – lack of regional stability and a neighbouring country that is in the throes of a bloody civil war.

Despite these difficulties, Jordan has managed to keep its head above water, and although there was a sharp drop in tourist arrivals in 2011, at the outbreak of hostilities in Syria, they recovered in 2012 – not to 2010 levels, but not far off. Investment in tourism in Jordan continues apace, despite unrest in other countries in the Middle East, and there is considerable investment in accommodation. The Aqaba Free Trade Zone is attracting investors in the south, and this area is expected to firmly establish itself as the tourism hub of Jordan.

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Table of contents

  1. Jordan: Key Facts

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

                  • Figure 1: Visitor numbers to Jordan’s top tourist attractions, 2011-13
              • Tourism and the Economy

                    • Figure 2: International tourist arrivals and expenditure, 2008-12
                    • Figure 3: Key economic data for tourism in Jordan, 2012
                    • Figure 4: Employee numbers in the provision of tourism activities, 2009-13
                • Arrivals

                  • International
                    • Figure 5: International visitor arrivals, 2008-12
                    • Figure 6: International arrivals, by region, 2011-12
                    • Figure 7: Arrivals by region, January to September, 2012 to 2013
                    • Figure 8: Top 10 inbound countries, 2011-12
                  • Domestic
                    • Figure 9: Domestic tourism in Jordan, 2012
                • Market Characteristics

                  • International
                    • Purpose of visit
                      • Figure 10: Inbound tourist arrivals, 2006/07-2010/11
                    • Seasonality
                      • Figure 11: Inbound visitor arrivals, by quarter, 2012
                    • Length of stay
                      • Figure 12: Average length of stay in Jordan, by origin, 2011*
                    • Domestic
                      • Purpose of visit
                        • Figure 13: Purpose of visit of domestic overnight trips, 2012
                      • Seasonality
                        • Length of stay
                        • Transport

                            • Figure 14: Total arrivals, by point of entry, January to September 2013
                          • Air
                              • Figure 15: Inbound and outbound passengers through KHIA, 2009-end of August 2013
                            • Road
                              • Rail
                                • Sea
                                  • Figure 16: Passenger ship statistics, 2011-12
                              • Accommodation

                                  • Figure 17: Tourism accommodation establishments in Jordan, 2013
                              • Tourism News

                                • Jordan’s National Tourism Strategy
                                  • Figure 18: Strategic framework of Jordan’s National Tourism Strategy, 2011-15
                                • Construction begins on Jordan’s first theme park
                                  • JTB award winner
                                  • What Next?

                                    • Focusing on the high-end market
                                      • Increased focus on Aqaba
                                        • Regional stability still holds the ultimate key

                                        Travel and Tourism - Jordan - February 2014

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