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Travel and Tourism - Kuwait - February 2014

Kuwait is not usually thought of as a tourism destination. With a lack of internationally recognised attractions, and Kuwait City dominating the country (there are few destinations of note outside of the capital city), there is limited appeal for leisure tourists from outside of the Middle East. However, Kuwait City is a safe, clean and visually appealing destination, built along the coastline, and with some interesting modern architecture.
In part, the country suffers from an image problem, due to the 1990-91 Kuwait war and subsequent 2003 war in Iraq. It is also fiercely hot in the summer, although pleasant during the winter months, early spring and late autumn.

However, the Kuwaiti government is starting to focus on tourism as a serious economic sector, and also for generating jobs for the youthful population. The Tourism Sector, the division within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry that looks after tourism, has recently been reorganised, and during 2013 received technical assistance from a Kuwaiti-British consultancy consortium to train the staff and implement new data collection procedures, including inbound and domestic tourism surveys, and an online database system to track tourist arrivals.

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Table of contents

  1. Kuwait: Key Facts

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

              • Tourism and the Economy

                  • Figure 1: Kuwait GDP, 2009-14
              • Arrivals

                  • International
                    • Figure 2: Inbound tourist arrivals, 2009-12
                    • Figure 3: Top 10 inbound traveller arrivals, by nationality, 2010-11*
                  • Domestic
                  • Market Characteristics

                    • International
                      • Purpose of visit
                        • Figure 4: Purpose of visit of tourist arrivals, 2013
                      • Seasonality
                        • Figure 5: Arrivals in accommodation establishments, by month, 2012
                      • Length of stay
                        • Figure 6: Length of stay of tourist arrivals, 2013
                      • Domestic
                      • Transport

                          • Figure 7: Inbound traveller mode of transport, 2009-12
                        • Air
                          • Road
                            • Rail
                              • Sea
                              • Accommodation

                                  • Figure 8: Hotel stock in Kuwait, 2008-11*
                                  • Figure 9: Hotel room and bed stock breakdown, 2011*
                              • Tourism News

                                • Technical assistance to the Tourism Sector
                                  • Failaka Island Development
                                  • What Next?

                                    • Need for Kuwait to address poor international image
                                      • Figure 10: GCC rankings in the TTCI, 2013
                                    • Domestic marketing campaign
                                      • Targeting Saudi Arabia

                                      Travel and Tourism - Kuwait - February 2014

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