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Travel and Tourism - Lithuania - February 2015

“Listed as a top ten destination to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet, Lithuania is getting media coverage that will inevitably fuel its popularity as an interesting place for Europeans seeking new destinations for city breaks or alternative holiday destinations.”

This report looks at the following areas:

  • What is the current socio-economic context in Lithuania and where is the role of tourism for its economy?
  • What is the state of tourism services and infrastructure, including capacity and performance?
  • What can we expect from Lithuania’s tourism in the future?
  • What are the current and future developments that are likely to impact the tourism sector in Lithuania?

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Table of contents

  1. Lithuania: Key Facts

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

              • The great outdoors
                • Cultural heritage
                  • Spas and saunas
                  • Tourism and the Economy

                      • Figure 1: Tourism and Lithuania’s economy, 2008-14*
                      • Figure 2: Lithuania’s tourism compared to the region, 2013
                  • Arrivals

                    • International
                      • Figure 3: Same-day and overnight visitors, 2009-13
                      • Figure 4: Visitors from international markets, 2013
                    • Domestic
                    • Market Characteristics

                      • International
                        • Purpose of visit
                          • Figure 5: Purpose of visit, 2012-13
                        • Seasonality
                          • Figure 6: Tourism seasonality in Lithuania, 2013
                        • Length of stay
                          • Domestic
                            • Purpose of visit
                              • Figure 7: Places of interest for domestic and foreign visitors, 2013
                              • Figure 8: Purpose of visit for domestic travellers, 2011-13
                            • Seasonality
                              • Length of stay
                              • Transport

                                • Air
                                  • Figure 9: Inbound tourists and means of transportation, 2013
                                • Road
                                  • Rail
                                    • Sea
                                      • Figure 10: Cruise-ship arrivals in Klaipeda, 2002-15
                                  • Accommodation

                                      • Figure 11: Accommodation sector, 2008-13
                                      • Figure 12: Top 10 markets for commercial accommodation facilities, Q1-3/2014
                                  • Tourism News

                                    • More visibility and new markets
                                      • The importance of Baltic Rail
                                      • What Next?

                                        • What will the Euro bring for Lithuania?
                                          • Geopolitical dynamics and tourism

                                          Travel and Tourism - Lithuania - February 2015

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