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Travel and Tourism - Mexico - May 2015

“The VFR [visiting friends and relatives] market is a significant one – not least because so many Mexicans (and people of Mexican origin) live and work in the United States. Many Mexican resorts (and other tourism enterprises) design advertising campaigns targeted at expatriates and Latino Americans – a market that is growing. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2013, Mexicans (and Mexican-Americans) totalled over 34.5 million people, accounting for 11% of the US population.”
- Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst

This report looks at the following areas:

  • What has caused Mexico to fall out of the UNWTO’s ‘Top 10’ list of most popular destinations?
  • Why do visitors from the US dominate the inbound market?
  • What factors are playing into the rise in the number of long-stay tourists?
  • Why do many Mexicans still like using travel agents rather than booking online?
  • How have budget airlines transformed the transport sector?

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Table of contents

  1. Key Facts – Mexico

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

                • Mexico City
                  • The State of Quintana Roo
                    • The State of Baja California Sur
                      • The State of Jalisco
                      • Tourism and the Economy

                          • Tourism revenues and the role of the tourism economy
                            • Figure 1: International travel & tourism revenues, 2010-15
                            • Figure 2: Travel & tourism economy showing direct & indirect impact on GDP & employment, 2010-15
                        • Arrivals

                          • International
                            • Figure 3: International tourist arrivals in North America, showing % share of each country, 2009-14
                          • Not in top 10 but growing in popularity
                            • Figure 4: International tourist arrivals to Mexico, 2009-14
                          • Where do the tourists come from?
                            • Figure 5: Leading source markets for international air arrivals to Mexico, 2013-14
                          • Domestic
                            • Figure 6: Domestic travel & tourism spending, 2010-15
                          • Not yet a fully ‘wired’ country
                          • Market Characteristics

                            • International
                              • Purpose of visit
                                • Figure 7: Hispanic & Latino US population by origin, 2013
                              • Seasonality
                                • Figure 8: International visitor arrivals to Mexico, showing seasonality, 2013-14
                              • Length of stay
                                • Long-stay tourists on the rise
                                  • Domestic
                                    • Purpose of visit
                                      • Seasonality
                                        • Length of stay
                                        • Transport

                                          • Air
                                            • LCCs make air travel more affordable
                                              • Road
                                                • Rail
                                                  • Sea
                                                  • Accommodation

                                                      • Figure 9: Capital investment in the travel & tourism sector, 2010-15
                                                    • Major hotel chains
                                                      • Figure 10: Major hotel chains with a presence in Mexico, showing number of properties, July 2014
                                                    • New hotel openings
                                                      • Business travel and the MICE market
                                                        • Figure 11: International & domestic business travel & tourism spending, 2010-15
                                                    • Tourism News

                                                      • What Next?

                                                        Travel and Tourism - Mexico - May 2015

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