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Travel and Tourism - Spain - February 2012

Tourism is one of the main sources of income for the Spanish economy, and for the last 30 years has grown into a major industry in the country. Spain is ranked the fourth most popular destination in the world for international inbound tourists, and is second placed in terms of tourist expenditure.

Historically, the sector was one of the drivers that brought about the recovery of the Spanish economy as it emerged from the dictatorship of General Franco in 1975. Without doubt, Spain is one of the most distinctive examples of a tourism model that is based on sun, sea and sand, and until the turn of the new century, in 2000, there was little focus on the other aspects of the country, which is incredibly diverse. While France and Italy developed strong cultural aspects to their tourism products, Spain built resorts along its coastlines to attract the mass markets looking for a beach holiday. Consequently, a highly seasonal product was developed, and employment was in high demand in the summer, but less so in the winter months.

Country Reports are tourism profiles of destination countries.

This report is produced by one of a global network of industry analysts, who provide market-based information as well as detailed, insightful and localised interpretation of the facts and figures.

Each profile contains information on:

  • Tourist arrivals - overnights and expenditure
  • Purpose of visit - business, leisure or VFR
  • Accommodation supply - operating performance
  • Tourism policy - management
  • Transport - access and infrastructure
  • Tourism funding - promotion and future development

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Table of contents

  1. Spain: Key Facts

    • Introduction

      • Data Sources

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

              • Tourism and the Economy

                  • Figure 1: Tourist expenditure in Spain, 2006-10
              • Arrivals

                • International
                  • Figure 2: International visitor, tourist and day-visitor arrivals, 2006-10
                  • Figure 3: International tourist arrivals, by country of residence, 2001, 2007 and 2010
                • Domestic
                  • Figure 4: Domestic visitor, tourist and day-visitor trips, 2007-10
              • Market Characteristics

                • International
                  • Purpose of visit
                    • Figure 5: International tourist arrivals, by purpose of visit, 2006-10
                  • Seasonality
                    • Figure 6: International tourist arrivals in hotels, 2010-11
                  • Length of stay
                    • Figure 7: Length of stay in Spain, by type of accommodation used, 2006-09*
                  • Domestic
                    • Purpose of visit
                      • Figure 8: Domestic tourist trips, by purpose of visit, 2006-10
                    • Seasonality
                      • Figure 9: Domestic tourist arrivals in hotels, 2010-11
                    • Length of stay
                      • Figure 10: Domestic tourist trips, by purpose of visit, 2006-09*
                  • Transport

                      • Figure 11: International inbound tourist arrivals, by mode of transport, 2006-10
                    • Air
                      • Figure 12: Passenger and aircraft traffic through Spanish airports, 2010
                    • Road
                      • Rail
                        • Sea
                        • Accommodation

                            • Figure 13: Tourist arrivals, by main type of accommodation used, 2010
                            • Figure 14: Room occupancy rate of hotels, 2011
                        • Tourism News

                          • Golf tourism
                            • San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016
                              • Benidorm: the new Las Vegas?
                                • Hollywood film-makers raise profile of the country
                                  • Expansion plans at the Sierra Nevada
                                  • What Next?

                                    • Tourist flows in Europe and beyond
                                      • Developing niche markets

                                      Travel and Tourism - Spain - February 2012

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