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Uganda has long been overshadowed by popular destinations such as Kenya, Botswana and South Africa but the ‘Pearl of Africa’ (as it is often referred to) is slowly emerging from years of neglect. The East African nation, which had a vibrant tourism industry back in the 1960s, has suffered through years of conflict and misrule by presidents Amin and Obote – decades during which the economy faltered and Uganda earned the reputation of being one of the most troubled countries in Africa, a place where few tourists, other than the most adventurous, dared to venture.

What's included

What's included

Table of contents

Table of contents

  1. Uganda: Key Facts

    • Data Sources

      • Introduction

        • Background

          • History
            • Geography
            • Attractions

                • Figure 1: Top five national parks, by attendance, domestic & international visitors, 2007-11
              • The regions
                • Western Uganda
                  • Eastern Uganda
                    • Northern Uganda
                      • Central Uganda
                      • Tourism and the Economy

                          • International tourism revenues
                            • Figure 2: International tourism spending, 2008-13
                          • Tourism and employment/GDP
                            • Figure 3: Travel & tourism economy showing direct & indirect impact on employment & GDP, 2008-13*
                          • The need to be more competitive
                          • Arrivals

                            • International
                              • Figure 4: International tourist arrivals, 2007-11
                              • Figure 5: International tourist arrivals, by region of residency, 2007-11
                            • Domestic
                            • Market Characteristics

                              • International
                                • Purpose of visit
                                  • Seasonality
                                    • Figure 6: Monthly arrivals showing seasonality, 2007-11
                                  • Length of stay
                                    • Domestic
                                      • Purpose of visit/seasonality/length of stay
                                      • Transport

                                          • Figure 7: Tourist arrivals, by mode of transport, 2007-11
                                        • Air
                                          • Figure 8: International passenger traffic at Entebbe International Airport, 2007-12
                                        • Road
                                          • Rail
                                            • Waterways
                                            • Accommodation

                                              • Tourism infrastructure
                                                • Figure 9: Capital investment in travel & tourism, 2008-13
                                              • East African Grading and Classification Criteria
                                                • Luxury hotels
                                                  • Figure 10: Selected luxury hotels, Kampala & Entebbe, 2013
                                                • Occupancy rates and room rates
                                                • Tourism News

                                                    • The media effect
                                                      • The need for funding
                                                      • What Next?

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