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US Retail & Apparel Market Reports

Improve your decision-making.
Inform your future

From mattresses and furniture to grocery and clothing, our exclusive library of Retail & Apparel reports is the most comprehensive in the US. Outsmart your competitors, take advantage of the trends that matter and be prepared for what's coming next.

US Retail & Apparel Market Reports

Mintel has the answers you need

From in-depth consumer data to unsurpassed market knowledge. The Mintel family of products has you covered.

your market

We break the market down to show you its size, share, segmentation and rates of growth, for a truly encyclopedic understanding of the sector.

your consumer

Meticulous, rigorous and accurate, our trusted research pinpoints exactly what consumers want, what they need and what influences their decisions.

your competition

Blending point of sale data with detailed market analysis, we show you what the competition is doing, their market share and advertising spend.

the future

Expert insight and in-depth analysis highlights trends, risks and opportunities, while our 5 year forecast let's you see the future, today.