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    The men’s sector is evolving, with retail sales (MULO) expected to exceed $6 billion in 2024. APDO and skincare/bodycare categories are seeing significant growth as key demographics look to skincare rituals and holistic body care practices that complement their overall wellness objectives. At the heart of this transformation is a..."
    The bodycare and antiperspirant/deodorant (APDO) market is projected to reach $9.54 billion in 2024 and expand to an estimated $10.49 billion by 2029. The upward trajectory of the category is bolstered by improved financial outlooks and holistic health trends that reframe essential hygiene routines. Furthermore, the entrance of beauty brands..."
    NPD is tapping into consumer interest in multifunctional bodycare and targeted solutions; however, further innovation in niche segments could excite the category. Shiyan Zering, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Credibility, novelty and high-impact benefits are key pillars of innovation and strategy in a competitive category wherein switching-out is commonplace. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    The future is in skin preservation and longevity, while dermocosmetics is poised to be the new luxury. Long-term opportunities lie in renovation vs innovation. Andrew McDougall, Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Consumers are engaging with the category in new ways, but need guidance from brands. Educate and empower to validate claims and meet evolving demands. Rebecca Watters, Associate Director of Household & Health ..."
    Facial skincare NPD can explore novel anti-ageing terminology, better convey safety and offer convenience as product repertoires grow. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."

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    Intensify sun safety messaging, elaborate on sensory benefits and applications and foster sustainability dialogues for a holistic approach to sunscreen. KinShen Chan, Principal Analyst, Beauty Personal Care (South APAC) ..."
    Brands are increasingly expanding their hair offerings to cater to specific hair types and concerns, aiming to secure a prominent spot in personal care routines. Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Stakeholders must thread the needle of appealing to teen/tween priorities while providing peace-of-mind to guardians on safety, cost and age-appropriate messaging. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    In EMEA, biotechnology can appeal; APAC markets value organic claims; and in NA, brands innovate for Gen Alpha, with glycerin highlighted in LATAM. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    Recent patent filings indicate that ingestible ingredients like probiotics, collagen-promoting ingredients and botanicals may disrupt anti-ageing skincare. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst – Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    NPD can better allay concerns over the safety of sunscreen ingredients, target acne-prone or ageing skin, and look beyond lotion/cream formats. Shiyan Zering, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Even as cleansing is incorporated into beauty and health regimens, proliferating benefits are put under the scrutiny of multifunctionality, value and efficacy. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    Makeup remained resilient in 2023, but as consumers discover, shop and converse about cosmetics on social media, brands must modernize their approach. Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    Consumer engagement with the category beyond functional need expands usage occasions and resonant claims. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."