Men's Grooming

Men's Grooming

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    Sustainability, convenience and wellness themes continue to inspire innovation in men's grooming. A niche men's makeup segment can make further inroads in Asia. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    “After the men’s category experienced a decline in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retail sales are expected to see significant growth in 2022, an almost 20% increase since 2020. While some of this can be attributed to a rebalance in the market and the functional nature of the category,..."
    Old-fashioned gender stereotypes are dissolving as more men recognise the benefits and the joys of taking care of themselves and their appearance. Andrew McDougall, Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Innovations are catering to men by tapping into wellness and sustainability trends and focusing more on transparent messaging and convenience. Sarah Al Shaalan, Research Analyst – Consumer Lifestyles Middle East & Africa ..."
    “The men’s personal care market has experienced slow yet steady growth since 2016, which can largely be attributed to the essential nature of the category and stable market penetration. Although certain elements of men’s personal care routines slid a bit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, market sales are ..."
    “Old fashioned gender stereotypes are dissolving as more men recognize the benefits and the joys of taking care of themselves and their appearance. The significant increase in male-focused personal care brands over the past few years has provided Canadian men the opportunity to gain experience with new categories and formats,..."