Consumers and Trends

Consumers and Trends

Mintel’s Consumers and Trends market research combines the latest consumer and market intelligence, industry insights and expert recommendations to help you understand how consumer behavior and industry trends are affecting your industry.

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    As Americans continue to contend with inflation and the tight housing market, consumers are eager for change and the opportunity to splurge where they’re able. Lisa Dubina, Senior Culture and Identity Analyst ..."
    Limiting products' perceived tradeoffs relative to homemade can deepen engagement among consumers already sold on the convenience and quality they bring to the table. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    Flavor lifecycles are changing as consumers explore more in their kitchens, look to more casual occasions for trial and are influenced and inspired by social media. Sydney Riebe, Analyst – US Food and Drink ..."
    Consumers want their home to be a safe, relaxing space. While this is the reality for most consumers, there's room to elevate all the elements a home can offer. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst, Retail & eCommerce ..."
    The arts and crafts market is thriving, driven by demand for projects that allow for self-expression while also being a budget-friendly pastime with wellness perks. Fiona O'Donnell, Senior Director – Lifestyles, Culture & Identity, Multicultural, Travel & Leisure ..."
    Current snacking behavior represents a cultural shift. Brands are tasked with balancing comfort and newness, and satisfying both emotional and physical needs. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research – Food and Drink ..."
    Most consumers feel nervous about generative AI and its future implications. Market investment is soaring, with a greater focus on enterprise applications. Jenni Nelson, Consumer Insights Analyst, Tech, Media & Entertainment ..."
    As the purpose of snacking continues to evolve, flavor remains the central motivator. Innovation that pairs flavor with function can extend occasions even further. Sydney Riebe, Analyst – US Food and Drink ..."
    Canadians are generally healthy, but their needs are evolving as mental health gains attention, the market gets older and social media influence grows. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    A burgeoning segment of young investors has increased the dominance of banks as an investment institution, while new Canadians seek digital alternatives. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    Steady growth in ingredient interest and fluency bodes well for BPC while making ingredient narratives more competitive to speak to comfort, value, and efficacy. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    Nearly half of consumers currently purchase value added proteins, primarily to save time, demonstrating the power of convenience enhanced by exciting tastes. Pooja Lal, Research Analyst ..."
    Brands are already a link to preserving customs and traditions. Celebrations are important buying occasions; particular holidays dictate spending preferences. Stefanie Kundakjian, Research Analyst ..."
    Dating and relationships are transforming, accelerated by tech and the pandemic. Understanding these shifts is pivotal for brands to connect with today's singles. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    Sustainability messaging needs to be simple, obvious and easily attainable to break through to today’s busy consumers. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    The evolution of consumers' approach to wellness, coupled with brands' BFY innovation, encourages consumers to have their cake and eat it, too. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."